Like Father Like Son

18th August 2011

Daddy wanted to speak to Alistair the breeder so he phoned him a couple of days ago and asked about the personalities of my real Mummy and Daddy, Beau and Warrick. This is what he said about their personality traits.

Warrick- My Real Daddy Humphrey
He is extremely timid. I am the same.
Any noise and he barks and then goes and hides in his cage.


I don’t hide in my room but I certainly bark at any sudden noise. When I’m snoring in the study with one eye watching television, if something happens on the TV and a dog or a horse makes a noise then I bark as well.
He will not cross the road. I’m much braver- I cross the road – but not on my own.
He hates puddles. Well I don’t like them either and if there’s a puddle in my way I will walk around it. Why should I get my paws wet when Mummy and Daddy wear shoes and wellington boots while I don’t have anything to keep my paws dry and warm?
He loves the car. I don’t. When it’s time to go in the car and I see the car boot open, I refuse to come out of the house and have to be prodded out. When I do come out I do a circumvention before I reluctantly go to the car and have to be half lifted in.
He suffers from ear infections I’ve already had my first one
Beau- My Real Mummy  
She does not like walks, in fact half way down the street she lies down on the pavement and waits until it’s obvious that they are going back home again. I’m the same. I’m very slow at the beginning of a walk and only quicken up when I know we’re more than half way round.
Won’t walk up the stairs and sits at the bottom. I eagerly walk up the stairs and I go and sit beside Mummy when she’s drying her hair and chewing her old shoes.
She is very courageous. Well… I don’t think I am. But I bark very loudly when the doorbell rings, go to the door but as soon as it opens I start moving back very quickly.  I would not like to frighten a visitor.
She was very slow at being house-trained and occasionally still has “accidents”. I am exactly the same.

What is clear is that both my real Mummy and my real Daddy absolutely love meeting children and adults and I am exactly the same.

I wonder what a dog psychologist would make of this.                  

Humphrey makes a new friend.

16th August 2011

I don’t usually go out to Inchmarlo on a Saturday morning but Daddy thought that the putting was taking place inside the walled garden so he went out to take photographs for the new brochure. You can imagine how annoyed we both were when he found out he had made an error in his diary and it wasn’t at 10.30 in the morning but 2.30 in the afternoon.

 In order to be productive we walked round the estate and I did my normal sniffing out for any problems that might have occurred.  When we walked down the Little Walk we bumped into a very tall young man who we did not recognise. Daddy started speaking to him and introduced himself to which the tall young man who had flown over from Bermuda to see his mother in Pinefield replied, “Oh I know who are, I recognise Humphrey.” You can imagine how proud I felt that I was the one who was recognised, not Daddy.

After that, as we were walking outside the Sales Office, a number of Home Owners drove out and in and waved to us both.  A car stopped and out came Mr G and Mrs G came across to us and Mrs G spoke to me first. I did my normal trick of going in-between Mr G’s legs, tying him up in knots, while Mrs G spoke to Daddy about a letter that she had written to me about plants in the heronry which required cutting down. She said that it had been done very expeditiously by Jim, the Head Gardener, and she thanked me for it but said that I hadn’t replied to her letter. Daddy explained that I had hurt my leg and therefore could not reply and we all had a very pleasant chat.

I must say that I felt very important because in the first instance, Daddy was only recognised because of me, and in the second case my involvement in the running of the Estate had been recognised by Home Owners.

Later on Dr L came in with his new Schnauzer, Dougal, and we met in the middle of the rainbow garden. He is only 15 weeks old and I am of course 4 times bigger and heavier than Dougal but nevertheless we had a tremendously good sniff of each other and both of us would of loved to have been let off our leads so we could have charged all over the place. It’s possible we might have damaged some of the plants but my goodness we would have had some super fun! I only hope that Daddy and Dr L let us do that the next time we meet.

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Castle Fraser’s Gardens

5th August 2011

Inchmarlo Gardens are open under Scotland’s Gardens Scheme twice a year and as my friends who read my blog know I go out and help and supervise the Open Day. So this Sunday we went out to Castle Fraser, a National Trust Property where their walled garden was open.

We arrived, got out of the car and walked up to the gate to buy the entrance tickets only for my face to fall (if it’s possible for it to fall any further) when the lady and gentleman behind the desk said only guide dogs were allowed and I might frighten the children. Well I love all children. So deary me we had to walk back to the car and I had to wait there on my own while Mummy and Daddy walked through the very beautiful walled garden, had a cup of tea and a lemon drizzle cake and, much to Daddy’s enjoyment listened to the Granite City Brass Band playing military and other tunes.

Daddy loves band music because when he was doing his National Service in the Royal Navy he played in a brass band.

After that they came back and collected me and we walked all round Castle Fraser which is absolutely stunning and I would have loved to have got inside the castle and smelt any remains of hundreds of years of pets.  I am sure in the old days they were allowed to sleep in the beds with their masters and mistresses.

After that we walked up the driveway, all the way up to what would have been the former stable block and then I spied a cow coming over to a watering trough right beside where we were walking. It drank some water, looked at me and I looked at it and very, very gingerly I walked slowly forward inch by inch until my small, petite snub nose and its enormous nose, about the size of a giant melon, were just a few inches apart. It had a very strong smell and then it breathed out through its nose which sounded like a wind blowing along a canyon – the noise gave me the fright of my life and I ran away quickly. Daddy and Mummy told me not to be so scared so very slowly I inched back up to it again with my legs in such as position that I could retreat instantly. Once more it blew out through its nose and I ran away again. Despite two frights in one day I enjoyed myself at Castle Fraser.

Bravely approaching the cows

So Many Visitors

4th August 2011

Charlie and Pamela are here for a few days. When Charlie first rushed in crying, “where’s Humphrey?” I came out and ran towards him and of course he immediately started screaming and ran away from me!  However, after a very short time he came back and cuddled me and I licked him and we got on like a house on fire during his stay in my home.

Helping Charlie play with his toys!
I know how this works!

For the past few days I have been “helping” him with his toys.

I enjoy supervising his playing with the new dumper truck, the small fire engine and the other bits and pieces he has been given by Mummy  but I am really not happy when he puts on his Roman Centurion costume and waves his sword about!  I’m a very sensitive boy with a birth record going back many generations and I don’t like sharp or loud noises and when Charlie  slapped his sword against the kitchen units he frightened me. I’m really not happy when he acts the tough and aggressive Roman soldier so I run away or hide under the table.

Charlie must be much dirtier than I am because I have a bath and very occasionally but he needs to have a bath every night. I felt left out not being with him all the time so I went up and had a good look and supervised him in his bath as I have done before. Doesn’t he look good?

Remember to clean behind your ears...Aren't you clean yet?

 My goodness the invasion has come! Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron have all arrived so the house is absolutely throbbing! I get on very well with everybody and Hamish and Cameron love playing with Charlie and I, of course, love being with them all.  I’m continually running back and forwards as they run back and forwards. It’s great fun, but my goodness isn’t it exhausting!

I’m absolutely delighted when Charlie goes to bed and the boys and I settle down to watch the television. Charlie’s favourite programme is Tom and Jerry which is also mine. Spike, the Bulldog, is so handsome and tolerant of that pesky cat and mouse.