Christmas is Coming

20th December 2011

Christmas is clearly around the corner.  Daddy bought a bronze statue of a bulldog which has been in the hallway for some years and at Christmas Mummy puts a Santa Clause hat on it.  Last year I was so small I couldn’t get up to it but this year when she put the hat on naturally I had to go and investigate.

It's Christmas

This week I was left behind once again while the Home Owners at Inchmarlo had their Christmas Dinner and Mummy and Daddy went out and joined them.  Here is a copy of the Menu, doesn’t it sound delicious?

Butternut Squash Soup with Exotic Spices, Apple & Cilantro Cream


Melon Pearls with Winter Berries

* * *

Traditional Roast Turkey & Trimmings


Fresh Tagliatelle with Stilton & Mushroom

* * *

Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce


Chocolate Tart

Thanks to the Staff
Enjoying the wonderful food
Christmas Dinner

While they were enjoying the food one of the Home Owners, Mr Q, organised for some members of The Banchory Singers to come in and entertain them.

Enjoying the Entertainment
The Banchory Singers

I absolutely love music and when Mummy and Daddy leave me on my own in the house they always leave the radio on in the kitchen so I lie in my basket snuggled up nice and warm and listen to the music on Radio 2.  I heard the singers were very good and I would have loved to have heard them but oh dear me I was in the kitchen, not eating the Christmas dinner and listening only to the radio.  It’s a dog’s life!

Mummy took home some of the turkey which I had with my meal the next day.  It was very tasty.

Visit to Inchmarlo

16th December 2011

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo on Sunday 4 December and we walked all round the Estate and the gardens looked lovely.

Inchmarlo House

After we had lunch  Daddy and I walked round Westfield and Queen Victoria Park again.  I was exhausted and fell asleep in the car and snored all the way back to Aberdeen.We cannot display this gallery

Sad News

12th December 2011

Oh what a sad day!  I’ve had bad news.   My real mummy Beau and my real Daddy Warwick were expecting another litter of puppies.  Mummy Beau was doing well and then we got the news that she had miscarried and all the puppies were dead. I can’t tell you what a shock I got when I heard this.  I was so looking forward to having more brothers and sisters.   I would have loved to have met them, sniffed them all over and licked them, but alas, it is not to be. Perhaps another time.

39th Food Tasting Dinner

12th December 2011

Well I’ve missed out again.  Daddy, Mummy and a number of my friends from the Estate attended the 39th Food Tasting Dinner at Inchmarlo to sample new recipes for inclusion in the menus for Residents in the Care Home, Home Owners eating in the Bar, family parties and food delivery to Home Owners.  Everybody benefits – except me.  They sampled:

Red Mullet Soup
Gary Rhodes

Country Ham Mousse
The Inn at Little Washington D.C.

Crab Cakes
David Burke, New York

Slow roast Pork with Kentish Apple Tart, Leeks and Cauliflower Cream
Gary Rhodes

Treacle Tart
Heston Blumenthal, London

My Grandmother’s Rhubarb Pizza
The Inn at Little Washington D.C.


All I got to eat was some of the Country Ham Mousse and the pork.  I love ham and fish and I absolutely loved the Ham Mousse.  I only got a small bit of the pork, which I must say was delicious – mixed up with my usual dried up Pedigree Chicken and Rice dog food.  I would  have  loved to have tasted the rest but I was not given the opportunity.   I’m afraid the story that  “it’s a dog’s life” is true.


12th December 2011

Mummy and Daddy went away on holiday and this time, instead of going down to stay with Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron in Edinburgh I went back to my other favourite home which is the private Boarding Kennels in Kingswells run by Mandy Innes.  She takes in dogs one or two at a time and I have been there before.  Daddy had not told me where we were going but when we arrived at the House and he opened the boot of the car I recognised it instantly.  Daddy has told me that whenever my predecessors Ollie and Jamie,  arrived at kennels, and they recognised where they were, they would shake like a leaf and try to run away. I don’t. I am much braver, and as soon as I knew where I was, I went up to the doorway and eagerly ran inside and spent a happy couple of weeks with Mandy.

It was very pleasant. As last time I had all my favourite toys with me and my normal food, but this time it was completely different.  Half way through my holiday  another dog arrived, a girl called Cali.  After the initial period when we sniffed each other all over, we got on like a house on fire.  We each had our normal beds but Mandy told Daddy that when she came down in the morning she would sometimes find both of us sleeping together in the same bed. Shhhh don’t tell Mummy.

My friend Cali
My friend Cali & I


Naturally when Daddy came home to collect me I was delighted to see him, and when we got back to the house I rushed inside eagerly trying to find Mummy who welcomed me back.