Crathes Vintage Car Rally

30th May 2012

Well as my readers will know, every year the Crathes Car Rally comes to Inchmarlo. Residents from the Care Home and Home Owners within the Retirement Community Village come and look at the cars and so many remember the cars that they owned many years before. It was an absolutely fantastic day, way over 70˚ and Residents were sitting outside having cold drinks.

The Busy Main Drive
Some of the Vintage Cars
Little Red Sporty Number!

Mummy and I went round and spoke to many of them.  There were lots of young children there so I went and spoke to them or they came up and spoke to me. It was terribly hot and I was “peching” quite a lot. 

One of the most stunning cars is an old Bentley – I remembered looking at it last year – so I went back and had another look again.

The Stunning Vintage Bentley

There was also a very small cute red Morgan car but by the time I went down to look at it I was so hot and breathing so heavily that I was just exhausted.

My Favourite – The Morgan

There were also lots of Home Owners there who knew me and they would say, “Oh there’s Humphrey” and I would go and speak to them.

Saying Hello To My Friends

Gourmet Lunch

30th May 2012

Daddy and Mummy decided to have lunch outside in the gorgeous sunshine partly because they wanted to reward me for all my hard work and they did not want to leave me in the car on such a hot day.  After they had finished their lunch Head Chef, Colin came out with a special lunch for me.  I had on my napkin round my neck so that I wouldn’t drop food on myself and he brought out a selection of the food that was being served in the restaurant for the Residents and for the Home Owners eating in the Bar. 

The menu consisted of Loin of Pork and Apple Sauce and Poulet Saute Espagnole by Auguste Escoffier.  Now I must confess my ignorance as I had never heard of Auguste Escoffier. He was the most famous Chef in the world for many years and latterly was Chef de Cuisine at the Savoy Hotel and then The Ritz in Piccadilly when Cesar Ritz, “Hotelier of Kings and King of Hoteliers”, opened his own hotel.  So out Colin came with a meal for me and all I can say is lucky residents.

Silver Service from Colin

Both courses were lovely and it was the first time I had had tomato sauce with chicken and my goodness was it tasty!

Since it was so hot Colin decided I should also have a cold desert so he went back in and took out two scoops of lovely ice-cream.

Something to cool me down
Truly Scrumptious!

Lunch was absolutely scrumptious.

Queens Diamond Jubilee Garden Competiotion Winners

30th May 2012

Queens Diamond Jubilee Garden Competition WinnersThe Judges decided the winners of the Garden Competition was Keig Primary School. The teacher, two classroom helpers and children came to Inchmarlo on Friday 25 May.

Daddy and I went out to hand over the cheque for £500 and by the time we arrived there all the children had arrived and were playing in front of the main house.

Inchmarlo House in the Sunshine

As soon as I saw them all I rushed across to do my duty by greeting them, as soon as they saw me they rushed towards me and we had a super time. As I was on my long lead I intermingled with them thus tying some of them up in knots.

Having fun with the children
Tied up in knots!

Then Julie, Assistant Matron, came out and sort of got me and them in order and we got quite a nice photograph.

Group photo

After that the photographer from the Press & Journal got us organised in a group and Daddy handed the cheque over to the teacher with the pupils holding up a photograph of their winning garden scheme.

Getting ready for the big photo
Well done to the winners, Keig School, Alford.


By the way that’s me in the middle of the front row.

Then all the boys and girls went and had drinks and cakes served by Margaret and I could tell they had a super time.

Enjoying a well earned treat
More Home Bakes!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Before we left 2 of the Judges, Lesley and Donna came over and were introduced to me.  They are both dog owners and dog lovers so of course they enjoyed meeting me.

Daddy collected the winning entry from the Press and Journal and naturally I had to give it a close inspection.

This one has my approval
The Winning Design

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Garden Competition

25th May 2012

Wednesday was a very interesting day for me.  Daddy had, in conjunction with the Press and Journal, arranged for a garden design competition at Inchmarlo to recognise the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  In the grounds at Inchmarlo there is a plaque beside a tree in the Little Walk area which reads –

“The Coronation Party Committee”

(An image of a Crown)


Planted to commemorate the coronation of King George VI

Daddy thought it would be an interesting idea to have another “Garden” to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee and he spoke to the Press and Journal who were enthusiastic about the idea.  This was a competition for Primary and Secondary school children with prize of £500 for the winning entry.  There were over 90 entries and on Wednesday morning Daddy, Jennifer and I went out to Inchmarlo and Jennifer together with Jim McColl, Gardening Writer in the Press and Journal, Jim Wilkie, Inchmarlo Head Gardener, Susie Smith, Director and General Manager, Jennifer Lindsay and Donna and Lesley from the Press and Journal did the judging.

Judging the fantastic entries
The winning entry

It was a tremendously hot day and I was not allowed in because lunch was being served in the Green Drawing Room and as you know I am not allowed to go in when food is being served.  I was very unhappy about this because I was sitting in the back of the car with a bowl of cold water and my dog food while they are tucking in to Lentil Soup from Harry’s Bar in Venice, 2 different quiches from 3 star Michelin chef, Paul Bocuse in Lyon and a chocolate cake by Marco Pierre White and Bakewell Tart by Gordon Ramsay.  It’s just not fair!

Daddy came out to check on me and saw that I was absolutely cooked in the back of the car despite the fact the windows were open so he got one of the care assistants to take me out and give me a walk.  Then Daddy came out to move the car and had great difficulty in finding a spot that would not be affected by the brilliant sunshine.  Eventually he parked the car behind the kitchen and Head Chef, Colin came out and gave me personal service.  The personal service was checking that I had enough cold water and giving me small bits to eat which was very nice.  When he and the kitchen staff were having a break outside he took me out and I sat them in the sunshine and they petted and spoke to me. 

Daddy also took me a walk around Pinefield and the Courtyard where he spoke to two Home Owners regarding a problem with a tree which had grown too big and needed replacing.

I have just been told about an email that has come in from Donna at the Press and Journal and the winning school is coming to Inchmarlo on Friday morning at 10.30am to be photographed with their garden design and Daddy has promised to take me out so the pupils can have the tremendous pleasure of meeting me and for me to congratulate them.


What a busy boy!

23rd May 2012

I have been very busy recently but on Friday I went out to Inchmarlo with daddy and Karen took me through to see all my friends in the Red Drawing Room.  He gave Karen my little tin box of treats and my clicker and the way it works at home is, Daddy puts a treat on the floor , makes me sit down and I don’t  actually dash forward and eat it until he clicks the clicker.  Unfortunately, I was so keen to eat the treat that I did not do my usual tricks, for which I apologise to my fans.  But in any case, I spoke to a lot of my friends and had a good time – and I’m sure they did too.

Playing in the Daffodils

This is a day I will long remember because something exciting happened!   

Sunday was our Summer Open Day.

Summer Open Day

  We went out so that I could tour the gardens and go up and introduce myself to some of the 200 plus visitors.  The previous two weeks had been pretty miserable and extremely cold which meant that many of the azaleas and rhododendrons had not yet bloomed.  This was a pity because when the azaleas are out the smell is overpowering for humans. For me with my super sensitive olfactory nose, it is even more potent.   However, the sun shone brightly on Sunday and first of all I sat with Susie at the entrance, supervising the taking of the money from all the people in their cars.

Please Pay Here

 As before, 60% goes to The Scotland’s Garden charities which they designate and the balance of 40% goes to Alzheimer Scotland, which is our chosen charity. 

So after supervising the entrance, Daddy and I walked up through the main garden and spoke to lots of people who were admiring the 40 metre high trees, the azaleas, rhododendrons, the various acers and the relatively new Rainbow Garden.

The Main Drive
Plant Stall

I had a super time and numerous people came up and spoke to me.  There were quite a number of young children there who, after some of them got over their initial concern that I might be too strong for them, came and patted me and Daddy gave them a copy of my business card which always gives a good impression and people laugh when they see it.We cannot display this gallery

Tea on the Lawn

After my tour was finished, we went over to have a look at the new East Park development.  It’s sometime since I went out to supervise how the building of the 15 houses and apartments was progressing but Bancon are doing very well.  When I sat up on the north bank and had a look down at it, I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the site and how speedily the buildings were being erected.  Congratulations to all at Bancon.

East Park Development

Then we walked down through the main garden again and I supervised visitors having afternoon tea in the beautiful sunshine outside the main Dining Room.

Before I left, I went back into the reception and two of my favourite ladies were sitting there in the reception lounge so I went up and spoke to them.

And what was it you may ask that was so exciting?  Well for the first time I lifted my leg which means that I am now getting to be a grown up young man.  I only did it once, the rest of the time I squatted as usual.  I don’t have a real mummy or a daddy with me and it just shows that certain things are bred into my subconscious. Yes, it was an exciting weekend!