Autumn Open Day

23rd October 2012

Daddy and I went out on Friday and walked all round Inchmarlo to have a quick look at the state of the gardens because it was our Autumn Open Day on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous day and everything was looking fine.  After we finished our tour, I went into the Red Drawing Room and spent some time with Karen, speaking to my friends and chased around, said hello to so many people, that when Daddy came in to collect me to take me home, I was lying flat out on the carpet, snoring.

The previous week it had poured with rain most days, but on Sunday the sun was shining and everything was absolutely stunningly beautiful.  So once more, after lunch Daddy, Mummy and I walked all round Inchmarlo and spoke to some of the visitors and the Home Owners, who were going around the gardens with their friends and family.  Jim, the Head Gardener, had lain loads of chuckies on the paths in the Woodland Garden, which was good because, without them they might have been too slippery with all the rain.

The Scotland’s Garden scheme organisers have asked Daddy to put some of the Autumnal photographs on their website, so he took a lot of photographs of the colours in the trees and of the huge copper beech in the Woodland Garden, all looking gorgeous in the afternoon sun.  

I was fascinated to hear a Home Owner say that a relation in Australia read my blog all the time and enjoyed it very much.  See, I’m now known in Australia; isn’t that nice!

At lunch, two new recipes were being tried out, including a Baked Plum Pudding  by Gary Rhodes, which I don’t think I would have liked since plums would be far too sour for me,  and an Oatmeal Fried Salmon with Lemon Butter and Whisky Dressing, again by Gary Rhodes. This was a new dish, and was in addition to the Roast Beef on the menu.  Mummy and Daddy enjoyed the meal and they took a slice of roast beef and a piece of the salmon out for me.  I ate both and thought they were delicious.  All in all, a gorgeous weekend.We cannot display this gallery


18th October 2012

On Wednesday Daddy held the 40th Food Tasting Dinner at Inchmarlo where Home Owners and guests sampled recipes from some of the world’s leading chefs. 

The menu on this occasion was

Bombay Chicken Soup

Philadelphia Museum of Art Cookbook

* * * * *

Leek Cannelloni

served with Lemon Thyme and Provolone Piccante

Rick Stein

* * * * *

Supreme of Guinea Fowl Scented with Cinnamon

braised in Grapefruit-Cucumber Milk and Darjeeling Tea

served with Couscous and Hazelnut Oil

Pierre Gagnaire

* * * * * 

Walnut Tart

Rick Stein 

Rhubarb Fool

served with its own Crisps

Gary Rhodes

Since I am not allowed in the Dining Room, Daddy arranged for the Kitchen to have a special lunch the next day and Colin prepared some Guinea Fowl for me.  The table was set up on the lawn and he came and served it.  My goodness it was so good.

Soooo Good!
Soooo Good!

I had a choice of the two desserts served, Rick Stein’s Walnut Tart or Gary Rhodes’ Rhubarb Fool.  I did not fancy the rhubarb and Daddy didn’t think the walnuts would be good for me so I finished off with some ice cream, which was lovely.

I love ice-cream
I love ice-cream

Pierre Gagnaire has 12 Michelin Stars and Gary Rhodes has 2 Michelin Stars.

All I can say is, lucky Residents in the Care Home and Home Owners in the Retirement Village who go and eat regularly in the Green Drawing Room and Bar.

Westfield looking stunning in the autumn sunshine

16th October 2012

On Friday afternoon, the Residents in Inchmarlo House were on a trip to Belwade Farm in Aboyne, a charity dedicated to giving abused and neglected horses a second chance in life.  Daddy and I sat in Susie’s office and got an up to date report until the Residents came back. Then I went through to the Red Drawing Room and spoke to all my friends who said they had a lovely time looking at all the horses.  After that Daddy and I went for a walk around Westfield and it was looking stunning in the late afternoon autumnal sun.  It was so attractive that I asked for some of the photographs to be put on to my blog just to show how gorgeous Westfield was looking.We cannot display this gallery

A supervisory look around East Park

16th October 2012

Wearing my supervisory hat for all new building at Inchmarlo, Daddy and I went out and had another look at East Park and my goodness it’s coming on leaps and bounds since the last time I was there.  Jim, our head gardener and his staff have done a good job with the landscaping.  It was a beautiful day, so I went round and had a good look at the back and the front of the property and especially the views out the rear windows. They look over the top of the Garden Wood development and across to Scolty.

Coming on leaps and bounds
Admiring the landscaping
View from the back of the property
Simply stunning!
Beautiful view on a beautiful day





A Day at the Beach

1st October 2012

What a wonderful day it was on Saturday!  Mummy and Daddy knew that I wanted to go to the beach, so we parked the car and walked all the way along to Fittie. Because the tide was in we walked on the promenade. I had a super time!

Lots of dogs and young children came up and looked at me and laughed, and I smiled back and then, as we got towards Fittie, there was a cry of “Oh there’s Humphrey”.  I looked up and there was a Newfoundland that I had spoken to some weeks before with his family, and they were shouting my name.  I went up and spoke to them all.  Oh it’s nice to be recognised!

After the walk back, we walked as usual, to The Sand Dollar and we sat outside while Mummy had a cappuccino and Daddy shared his ice-cream with me. Oh it was gorgeous!

Sitting at an adjacent table was a gentleman from Turriff with a young lady who is a guidance teacher at Northfield Academy in Aberdeen.  His miniature Schnauzer was sitting on his knee and we looked at each other a few times before we all entered into conversation.  The young lady said how handsome I was and Daddy gave her one of my business cards and said that if the pupils did work on computers they might find my blog interesting.

On the way back to the car a young child had dropped an ice-cream on the pavement which had hardly been touched so I started licking it.  Daddy put his foot against it so that it wouldn’t slide all the way across the pavement so I had another full ice-cream.  Oh yummy, yummy!