Fun with Charlie and Oscar

It has been a busy week. Pamela was up with Charlie and Oscar and as usual, I have kept very, very busy. They seldom ever stop moving about, playing with things or coming over and giving me a cuddle and I, in turn, give them a paw because I love the underside of my front legs being tickled.

Humphrey and boys April 17 (2)

I joined Daddy and Oscar and on another day Daddy and Hamish and we walked all round the Den with either of the boys being very good and holding my lead. They walk much quicker than I do because I like to stop and sniff at everything. There has been a notice in the Den for a little while to say that there is a deer in there and owners walking their dogs are asked to keep them on a lead. I’m not exactly sure what a deer is but I can guarantee that I wouldn’t be interested in doing anything other than having a sniff of it. So, the deer is perfectly safe with me.

Humphrey and boys April 17


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