A great Sunday out at Inchmarlo

It was a Sunday and we all went out to Inchmarlo.  One of my favourite residents, Doctor Margaret was having her 85th birthday celebration and her friend made her a wonderful cake.  Since there was food involved I wasn’t allowed to be in the bar with them but I saw the photographs that Daddy took of Doctor Margaret cutting the cake and it looked lovely.  I felt very jealous that I wasn’t allowed to have a piece of it.

Inchmarlo Retirement Village 85th Birthday
Dr Margaret and her birthday cake

Afterwards we went a walk all round Inchmarlo and up the main garden. Daddy took a photograph of me in a beautiful part of the alpine garden beside the pink Neires, two shrubs one red and one copper coloured. 

Bulldog in Alpine Garden Inchmarlo
Humphrey in the Alpine Garden

After that we walked all the way through Pinefield and then down through Westfield where I met a very old doggie who is now blind, out for a walk with her owner.  Apparently she couldn’t see me but she smelt me – poor old doggie. 

Inchmarlo Retirement Village Garden
Inchmarlo Gardens
Inchmarlo Care Home Garden Banchory
Inchmarlo Gardens

When we were walking back we met another Home Owner who Daddy hadn’t seen for quite some time and he and his daughter had a chat and I went and spoke to them both.  Both patted me a number of times. 

Inchmarlo Westfield
Houses in Westfield, Inchmarlo

When in Westfield we walked down and I went up to speak to the sheep but they would not come over and speak to me despite the fact there was a wire fence between us.

Humphrey watching sheep at Inchmarlo
Humphrey trying to make friends with the sheep

Next Sunday it’s the Autumn Open Day at Inchmarlo and it is the first time that the gardens are going to be open in the autumn.  A percentage of the gate money will go to Scottish Gardens Scheme charities with the balance going to the Forget-Me-Not Club in Banchory.  Quite a lot of the Home Owners attend the club both in Inchmarlo House and also in the scout hut in Banchory.

Humphrey conquers his fear

Daddy had an appointment at Inchmarlo and I sat in the Mercedes while he was working and then he opened the door, undid my safety belt and asked me to jump out of the car. I was most unwilling to do it because the height between the grass and the car seat was twice my height and I thought that Daddy was being most unreasonable in asking me to jump.

Eventually, when I wouldn’t do it, he put out a dish with water and tried to get me to go and drink the water and then he let me smell some treats, and put them on the grass to encourage me to jump.

After a little while I edged further and further forward until my paws were on the chromium sill of the car and I plucked up my courage and jumped onto the grass. Daddy told me what a brave boy I was.

Bulldog in car
Ready to take a leap!
Humphrey in Mercedes
Humphrey in the car

Humphrey’s fear of heights

We all went out to Inchmarlo and after Mummy and Daddy and all the residents had their lunch I went in to speak to my friends. Before that, however, Daddy and Mummy told people that I’m getting so heavy that they no longer want to lift me into and out of the cars. I know that I look tough and fearless but I’m really just a young boy at heart and I am very nervous about jumping out of the car onto the ground.

Daddy parked his car next to the grass and tried to persuade me to jump out and I spent ages coming forward and getting cold paws and going back in the car again until eventually Karen’s other daughter, who had wanted to meet me, arrived and I was so keen to meet the daughter of the lady who keeps giving me bosies that I eventually fell out of the car onto the grass and had a good time with her. Let’s hope I’m going to be able to do it again.

When we got back to Aberdeen Daddy tried to get me to jump out of the boot of the car onto the tar macadam which looks much harder than the grass and I didn’t want to do it. So he left me in the car and went into the house leaving the boot open and the front door open and left me on my own.

After what seemed like absolutely ages, when I still had not jumped down, Daddy came out and helped me out of the car by lifting my harness with his left hand and my rear legs with his right hand. I think its Daddy’s fault for having a car which is so high off the ground.  

Humphrey scared to jump
Humphrey in the boot

Visit to the Vets

Back out to Ardene Vets, greeted as usual by my receptionist girlfriends who all came round the desk to speak to me and I had a lovely time being petted.  Then I went through for my appointment with Brenda, the vet, was weighed and I am now weighing 16.50 kilos so I am now getting a heavy boy.  I was lifted up on the table again…

Bulldog at the vet
Humphrey on the table

Brenda then manicured my toenails and looked in my ears.  

Bulldog at vet
Getting my ears checked

Bulldog getting toenails clipped
Humphrey getting a manicure

She opened my mouth to have a look inside and said that I now had all my adult teeth. 

Bulldog dentist
Checking my teeth

I must say I found the treatment very soporific but I couldn’t understand why Brenda went and put on a pair of rubber gloves again. She turned me round and Daddy held my head close to him and then I understood why when she put her finger up my bottom. Daddy thought I was acting strangely again and rubbing my bottom against the grass or concrete.  Brenda said, “Oh, he’s got a slight blockage in his anal gland.”  This was the second time it has happened to me, it wasn’t painful but it’s most embarrassing for a young boy like me to have a pretty girl do that to him.

Afterwards we went out to the reception and my reception girlfriends said how good I had been and gave me a biscuit.  A lady came in with a huge Alsatian which looked at me and barked a few times.  I would have loved to have gone and spoken to it but it did not seem to be friendly, maybe it was afraid of me.

Humphrey- rising star in the USA!

It was raining and I just do not like puddles. They are cold on my feet and I try to avoid them as much as possible. Why does Daddy get to wear thick rubber soled shoes or Wellington boots whilst I am expected to put my feet in them?

Humphrey Bulldog Inchmarlo
Humphrey in the rain
Bulldog inchmarlo puddles
Humphrey doesn't like the puddles

Rebecca Quimby runs a blog in America and she has been trying to contact Daddy and vice versa. They finally managed to speak to each other in the evening and Rebecca told Daddy that she is one of ten different writers who contribute to the Paw Nation blog. She wanted to know more about me, why Daddy chose me and how I am getting on at Inchmarlo. Daddy explained everything to her; that I was I was the successor to first Jamie, then Ollie, and that I was getting on very well in my role as Therapy Pet (Canine) in Training. They had quite a long conversation and Rebecca is probably going to feature me in the Paw Nation blog. This means I’m likely to be one of the most famous bulldogs in America as well as Britain. Isn’t it exciting?!