Inchmarlo feature on STV News!

Another very exciting day at Inchmarlo! Daddy and I went out early in the morning because I was told STV were coming to do another televised excerpt. I arrived and Karen took me through to the red drawing room where I spent quite a while speaking to my friends. Then I was taken back out and sat at the back of the car. The television crew arrived with Sharon the reporter and Pat the camera man. When they walked in with their big camera and tripod, I got all excited but was terribly disappointed when Daddy did not come out to get me. This must be a mistake surely! I was the star of the last one and here they are back again and I wasn’t even asked to appear in it!

Inchmarlo Care Home had been upgraded by the Care Commission to grade six- excellent one of only 5 Care Homes with this rating among the 900 plus in Scotland. Everybody in the Care Home was incredibly excited about this recent award and STV were also interested and said that they wanted to do an interview at Inchmarlo. What also interested them was the fact that Daddy, who says he’s a gourmand and enjoys eating in Michelin starred restaurants throughout the world, decided many years ago that the residents of Inchmarlo and the Home Owners who live in the estate should have the pleasure of enjoying similar sort of recipes to the ones that he enjoys.

STV were interested to know that over the 25 years that Inchmarlo has been operating they have sampled no fewer than 970 recipes from Michelin starred and famous restaurants throughout the world and they wanted to discuss this with Daddy and a couple of residents in the Care Home and two of the Home Owners from the estate who came down and spoke to Sharon. Daddy had Colin Davidson, the head chef, make a grapefruit cake and Dr Margaret, Mrs Doreen and Mrs Flora were all interviewed while they were eating the dessert. What an exciting day for everybody but my goodness was I not disappointed that I wasn’t included.   

STV news Inchmarlo
Some of my friends being filmed in the Red Drawing Room
Care Home grade six
TV stars in the making!
Care Home residents being filmed by STV
Enjoying their tea and cakes

Watch Inchmarlo’s appearance on STV here:

Charlie goes home

Thursday was the day that Pam, Richard and Charlie were leaving so Daddy came home and joined us all for a late lunch at about 1.30. I chewed one of Charlie’s little farm yard motor cars again and was told off. Then Charlie didn’t want to put his trousers on and his mummy told him he couldn’t go on the plane without trousers. I don’t have that problem because I don’t wear clothes at any time, only a harness when I go out walks. After a great deal of difficulty he allowed his trousers to be put on and then we had to go through the same routine to get him to put on his blue snow boots with the red laces. When I am getting fitted with my harness to go on a walk I am so much easier to dress, and when I have it on, I simply stand there like a statue ready to go.

I was supervising Charlie as he got ready to go and when everybody was kissing each other goodbye, Charlie came up and kissed me twice and told me that he loved me. Wasn’t that nice? I look forward to him coming back for a future visit.

A photo shoot at Inchmarlo

This was going to be a tremendous day for me. The Care Commission had recently given Inchmarlo Care Home the highest possible rating of grade six- Excellent and they wanted a photograph of me speaking to some of my friends in Inchmarlo House. So we left the house at about 10 o’ clock in the morning and arrived at 10.30. It was a beautiful day and the photographer arrived at 11 o’ clock. I was introduced to him and he said that I was a very friendly young boy. Then I was lifted up onto the settee in the reception lounge where I was photographed with my friends Mrs Jean and Doctor Margaret and I had great time being spoken to and petted by two of my favourite residents.

Bulldog Inchmarlo Care Commission Magazine
Humphrey with Dr Margaret and Mrs Jean

After lunch Daddy took me for a walk around Inchmarlo. It was an absolutely beautiful day and Inchmarlo looked gorgeous in the snow. I felt so proud of being photographed and I can’t wait to see how I look in the Care Commission magazine.

Inchmarlo Sunrise Snow
Inchmarlo at Sunrise
House at Inchmarlo Snow
A beautiful snowy day
Inchmarlo Gardens snow
Inchmarlo Grounds
Inchmarlo Gardens The Little Walk
The Little Walk