Springtime at Inchmarlo

On Friday it was a gorgeous day and Daddy took me out to Inchmarlo.  After he and Susie had lunch I was taken through to the Red Drawing Room to see Karen and my friends. I went round and spoke to everybody as usual and they all were very complimentary and after a while I sat down and lay underneath the table as Karen read out extracts from local news from the Press and Journal.  On the way out my friends were in the reception lounge so I went round all of them and spoke to them yet again before saying goodbye and trotting off back home.

On Sunday it was another absolutely glorious day at Inchmarlo.  Daddy and Mummy had lunch in the Bar and he was speaking to Mrs T who has been living within the Community for some years and she asked how I was.  Daddy said, “Would you like to see him, he’s in the car?”  So he stopped his meal and they both went outside and Mrs T came and spoke to me, said what a lovely dog I was and how big I had grown since the last time she had seen me.  Daddy asked her if she had had dogs of her own and yes she had a cross between a whippet and another dog and it was apparently extremely friendly.  I stayed in the back of the car and she patted me a few times and asked if I would allow her to take me for a walk.  Daddy said, “Yes, Humphrey would love that but I would be afraid he might pull you off your feet.”

Afterwards Daddy was having a very lengthy telephone call from Thailand so Mummy took me for a walk all the way round Westfield and we spoke to Mr J who has a small west highland terrier.  New crocuses are just beginning to come through and in a couple of years time they are going to be very pretty.

Crocuses in Inchmarlo Gardens
Newly planted Crocuses
Crocuses in Inchmarlo Gardens
Crocuses and Snowdrops


Also, new early miniature daffodils have started to make an appearance.

Mini daffodils Inchmarlo Gardens
Miniature Daffodils

When we got near the heronry Mummy and I went down so that I could look at the ducks and they could look at me. It was a complete standoff since there was a wire fence between us and they became very confident and came right up to the fence and didn’t run away and I was courageous and stood still and stared them out.  Thereafter Mrs G saw us and came out and had a long chat to Mummy and I while Daddy was still on his transatlantic phone call.  I would hate to see what the bill’s like.  Later still we walked up to Pinefield and looked at the snowdrops and I was photographed sitting beside them.

Bulldog snowdrops Inchmarlo
Humphrey sitting with the snowdrops

Humphrey gets a manicure

I gave myself a tremendous fright on Sunday afternoon. The back stair from the kitchen to my own special run where I go out to do my duties is very steep and is covered in linoleum. I disliked the stair when I was a little puppy so small that you could hold me in one hand and now that I’m over 22 kilos and so heavy it is difficult for Daddy to lift me up, I still dislike them. This time it is for a different reason. When I’m coming in I go straight up but when I am walking down the stairs I have to go at a 45 degree angle. Unfortunately the lino is very slippy and my nails were needing manicured.

On Sunday afternoon as I was coming up the stairs my hind legs slipped on the lino with the result that I skidded and my long nails made a tremendous noise and I frightened myself. Later on in the day I went down the stairs to go out and I absolutely refused to come up them again. I sat down at the bottom and waited and waited and waited. Mummy eventually had to come down and try to coax me up but I kept running outside. Eventually she got hold of me and pushed me up the stairs and I went up very, very reluctantly. The next time I went down I would not let her push me up and she had to carry me up the stairs!

When Daddy came home he said that really isn’t satisfactory and he went and phoned Ardene to make an appointment for me to have another manicure. So we went out at 11 o clock on Tuesday morning and I saw all of friends behind the reception counter and as usual they made a tremendous fuss of me, and Jennifer came round and spoke to me. Eventually we were called in and much to my disappointment it wasn’t a nice young lady it was a tall young vet called Paul. He lifted me up on the table, cut my front nails a little bit and then my back nails which had been giving me all the trouble. He said to Daddy that he needed to reduce the amount of food I was eating by a cupful because I am getting too heavy  Mummy would agree when she tries to lift me. While Paul was very pleasant I must say that I prefer it when it’s a young nurse who cuts my toenails!

On the way out when Daddy was writing a cheque, Jennifer came round again and gave me a gravy bone which I hadn’t had before and it was super. I got so excited and jumped up and down and looked for another one so she took pity on me, took me round the back of reception where I spoke to my other friends and then on the way out she gave me another. It was delightful.

Unlike my predecessors Ollie and Jamie, I love going to the vets at Kingswells. They were frightened and ran away as soon as they could smell where they were. Am I not a brave boy?

Another visit from Charlie


Pam and Charlie were up for 5 days and I have been terribly busy keeping Charlie company. He still likes to hide in the tube, crouching down and then jumping out to frighten everyone- including me.

Charlie hiding in tunnel

Also he likes to crawl through the tunnel when it’s on the floor and I watch him from one end as he disappears through the tube. 

Bulldog tunnel
Humphrey playing in the tunnel

On Friday afternoon, Daddy took me out to Inchmarlo and we walked through the Little Walk to see how some of the 10,000 snowdrops that were planted last year are growing. In addition to the standard snow drops there are about 6 specimen varieties planted alongside the new paths that Jim, the head gardener, Jake, the assistant head gardener and others planted. One of the biggest ones was a Snowflake snowdrop and here I gave it a good look and smell.

Humphrey springtime Inchmarlo Gardens
Mmm that smells lovely

 However, immediately afterwards, I went and sat down and unfortunately sat on top of it, flattening it completely.

Another day when Daddy and I were out at Inchmarlo he took out some treats so that I could show off my trick to all my friends in the Red Drawing Room.

I spent about an hour going round and speaking to everyone and then sat with Karen while Daddy and Susie were busy. When he came back he got to me to sit down, put a treat on the floor and I sat absolutely dead still until he clicked the clicker at which point I went ahead and ate the treat.

Daddy put a second treat down and he handed the clicker to the wife of one of the residents. She unfortunately took too long to click it and I was in so much of a hurry to eat that I dashed forward and ate it exactly at the same time as she clicked the clicker. Daddy said he would have to give me some more training before he invited me to show off my party trick again.


Whilst Charlie was staying with us, he had a bath every night and I insisted on going up with him and supervising his bathing.

Humphrey and Charlie bathtime
Humphrey and Charlie bathtime
Charlie giving me a good wash

Charlie had the habit of filling his sponge with water and holding it above me and squeezing it so I got soaked. I did not mind because he is so young I have to humour him. 

When he is in his pyjamas and ready for bed Charlie likes to play with a toy train and naturally I have to inspect everything or, as they say, put my nose in it.

Bulldog toy train
Helping Charlie build his railway
Humphrey and Charlie toy train
Inspecting the trains

 Every night just before he goes to bed Charlie says goodnight to me and gives me a kiss. Isn’t that nice?

When Pam and Charlie left to go to the airport I was absolutely exhausted and went and had a super snooze.

Daddy and Mummy say that I have a remarkable ability in that I snore when I’m still awake and I sound like an old car with the silencer broken.

Sleeping Bulldog
Humphrey sleeping