More Fame for Me!

The Press came out to Inchmarlo to take my photograph with some of my favourite Home Owners who included Dr Margaret, Mrs Jean and Mr Albert. They took hundreds of photographs and then they were individually interviewed by the reporter who asked how good a job I was doing at Inchmarlo Care Home. I wasn’t present for all the interviews but when I was sitting on the table with my three friends, they were all incredibly flattering about me, saying what a wonderful young boy I was, how sweet and friendly and what a good job I did.  This is a photograph with myself and Albert. Albert is the resident who drew two beautiful portraits of me, one of which is still pinned to the notice board in the entrance hall.

P&J photo shoot Inchmarlo
Humphrey and Albert in their photoshoot

 Here I am admiring the picture that was published in the Press and Journal.

Press and Journal article Inchmarlo
Humphrey admiring himself in the newspaper