Like Father Like Son

Daddy wanted to speak to Alistair the breeder so he phoned him a couple of days ago and asked about the personalities of my real Mummy and Daddy, Beau and Warrick. This is what he said about their personality traits.

Warrick- My Real Daddy Humphrey
He is extremely timid. I am the same.
Any noise and he barks and then goes and hides in his cage.


I don’t hide in my room but I certainly bark at any sudden noise. When I’m snoring in the study with one eye watching television, if something happens on the TV and a dog or a horse makes a noise then I bark as well.
He will not cross the road. I’m much braver- I cross the road – but not on my own.
He hates puddles. Well I don’t like them either and if there’s a puddle in my way I will walk around it. Why should I get my paws wet when Mummy and Daddy wear shoes and wellington boots while I don’t have anything to keep my paws dry and warm?
He loves the car. I don’t. When it’s time to go in the car and I see the car boot open, I refuse to come out of the house and have to be prodded out. When I do come out I do a circumvention before I reluctantly go to the car and have to be half lifted in.
He suffers from ear infections I’ve already had my first one
Beau- My Real Mummy  
She does not like walks, in fact half way down the street she lies down on the pavement and waits until it’s obvious that they are going back home again. I’m the same. I’m very slow at the beginning of a walk and only quicken up when I know we’re more than half way round.
Won’t walk up the stairs and sits at the bottom. I eagerly walk up the stairs and I go and sit beside Mummy when she’s drying her hair and chewing her old shoes.
She is very courageous. Well… I don’t think I am. But I bark very loudly when the doorbell rings, go to the door but as soon as it opens I start moving back very quickly.  I would not like to frighten a visitor.
She was very slow at being house-trained and occasionally still has “accidents”. I am exactly the same.

What is clear is that both my real Mummy and my real Daddy absolutely love meeting children and adults and I am exactly the same.

I wonder what a dog psychologist would make of this.