My New Friends Hector and Harriet

Oh I was so disappointed.  On Saturday morning daddy was driving along Whitehall Place and saw a lady with two Bulldogs, so he stopped the car and went to speak to her and her name was Anne and the important people she had with her were called Hector and Harriet.  Hector was 2½ years old and Harriet was younger and daddy told Anne all about me and the fact that in the Press & Journal of that day, i.e. the 23 June was a whole page on the 25th Anniversary of Inchmarlo and she could see my photograph since I’m bang in the middle of the group of long serving employees.  Daddy very kindly took photographs of the 3 of them and then close-ups of Hector and Harriet and showed them to me.  Isn’t Hector the Clark Gable of Bulldogs – so handsome, so virile, so masculine and with an absolutely commanding presence.

Harriet on the other hand, could best be described as the Vivienne Leigh of Bulldogs, so petite and attractive and awfully sexy looking.  For those of my readers who don’t know what I’m speaking about, I’m speaking about probably the greatest film ever made, David O’Selsnick’s “Gone With The Wind”, where Clark Gable played Rhett Butler and Vivienne Leigh played Scarlett O’Hara.  I think I can safely say that Hector and Harriet are my Rhett and Scarlett – oh how I wished we could have all looked and sniffed each other.

I Love to Play

Charlie and Oscar have been up staying with us and my goodness was I kept busy.  Running up and down stairs all the time, supervising Oscar getting his bath and I must say that Oscar was very well behaved.

Bath Time

My Mummy had bought Charlie an enormous teddy bear and of course I had to go and smell it and I saw his nose is much, much bigger than mine.

That’s a Big Nose!

Charlie likes dressing up in his Roman Centurian outfit with his plastic breastplate and waving his sword about.  I personally don’t like it because when he bashes his sword onto the furniture it makes a noise and makes me jump.

You May Pass

However as I told you before one of my great joys in the evening when Daddy comes home is to play tug-o-war with him.  Mummy bought me a set of three rubber rings which I love playing with and I chewed it so hard I chewed right through the rubber and unfortunately swallowed some of it.  I go up to Daddy two or three times a night when he is reading his reports or reading the paper and nudge him and nudge him and nudge him until such time as he plays with me.  Charlie also loves to play tug-o-war with me and for such a small boy he is very strong.

My Favourite Game – Tug-o-War


We got a postcard from Ardene to say that I was due to get my regular check-up so out we went and I rushed in, because unlike my predecessors,  I enjoy going to see my friends at the vet.  This time it was a nice young man called Mark who lifted me up onto the bench and gave me an inspection all over.

Mark Checking Me Over

Daddy told him that I am still shaking my head every so often because, like my real Daddy, I also have recurring ear problems.  However, Mark said my ears were alright so he gave me the injection.  Then when he was feeling me all over he discovered a small lump which he said was a cyst and that Daddy should watch it very carefully.  If it grew they might have to cut it out.  Oh dear!

25th Anniversary

No not mine, Inchmarlo’s.

Saturday was the 25th Anniversary of the opening of Inchmarlo House Care Home and we had another party.  Another party, I mean, because last year was the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Inchmarlo Continuing Care Retirement Community which Daddy is now calling by the modern name of Retirement Community Village.

All the residents were invited to attend with up to two guests each and the invitation –of which I approved – was to start of with “bubbly” up in the main garden from 2.30 – 3.30 and then afternoon tea in the main house.  Unfortunately at 2.00pm it wasn’t just an absolutely wonderfully hot day, so the garden part of it was scrapped and drinks were served at the main house out on the lawn.  We were very lucky because the sun came out at about 3 o’ clock.  Among the guests present was Dennis Robertson, the new MSP who was  accompanied by a most important person – his guide dog called Mr Q.

Mr Robertson & Mr Q

I didn’t manage to speak to him when I was taken over to get my photograph with some of the long serving staff but I saw him and what a big handsome dog he is.  By now it was very, very hot so the staff brought out a bowl of water for him and he very quietly lay there and drank his water – while still lying down – while Mr Robertson had his afternoon tea.

Mr Q enjoying a welcome drink

And what an afternoon tea it was!

Head Chef Colin and his Fantastic Staff

It consisted of:

Cheese & Onion Tart
Cheese & Bacon Custard Tart

two quiches from recipes by Paul Bocuse, the most famous Chef in France over the last 30 years.  I managed to get a sample of both and they were lovely but I must say I preferred the one with the bacon in it.

After that all the guests were served a choice of:

Grapefruit Cake
Chocolate Tart
Bakewell Tart
Rhubarb Pie
Zabaglione Cake

These are some of Daddy’s favourite desserts and they are served to the residents in Inchmarlo House and to the Home Owners who come down to the main house for lunch in the bar and/or functions in the evening.

My goodness, don’t the residents eat well at Inchmarlo!

Daddy wouldn’t give me any of the desserts unfortunately; he said they are not good for me.  Oh dear, it’s a dog’s life!

While I have only been working at Inchmarlo for the last 2 plus years some of the staff have been there since we opened.  All of them were invited but some of them were not available and on holiday but the ones that were able to come were photographed together and of course I felt it only reasonable that I should be in the photograph.  By the way that’s me bang in the centre.

Long Serving Staff

These are some of the people I work with. (left to right)

Mr Jack Crawford, Estate management (26 years service)

Mrs Susie Smith, Director and General Manager

Miss Sheena Coutts, Assistant Cook (11 years service)

Mrs Helen Ewen, Nurse (12 years service)

Mrs Lesley Ward, nurse (12 years service)

Charles P Skene, Owner

Mrs Karen Duguid, Activities co-ordinator (14 years service)

Mr Colin Davidson, Head Chef (4 years service)

Mr David Pratt, Head of Security (23 years service)

(front) Humphrey, Therapy Assistant (canine) 2 ½ years.

A young man from the North East of Scotland Music School entertained the guests by playing the piano in the Red Drawing Room.

Some Light Entertainment

It was a super day and after everybody had gone, Daddy took me for a walk around Westfield and in the late afternoon sun it looked absolutely lovely.