A leisurely Sunday stroll along Aberdeen Beach

Well, Sunday was also an interesting day.  Daddy, Mummy and I went down to the Aberdeen beach for a walk.  I always enjoy this because lots of people come up to speak to me be it dogs, children or adults.  They all say what a handsome, friendly dog I am.  As we were crossing over to have a cup of tea in the Sanddollar, two very excited ladies came over and one of them told us that she had a Bull Dog and she also said how good looking, friendly and handsome I was!  I can understand how the heads of the famous film stars in Hollywood got bigger with all the praise regarding their looks. When we were leaving Daddy asked the lady if her Bull Dog snored and the answer was, yes definitely!!

After we had our cup of tea and were walking back to the car park, another couple came up to us and the man, who originally came from Invergordon but was now working for Baker Hughes in Houston, said that they had a Bull Dog back in Houston whose name was Bella. Apparently, he had bought Bella from England and Bella was sent on her own, all the way to Houston in a cage in the aeroplane.  She was very young and when she arrived in Houston she was somewhat discombobulated – I bet you didn’t think I knew a word like that.  However, she settled down and is getting on fine except she finds the heat on the very hot days very exhausting.  I heard Daddy asking if Bella snored, yet again the answer was yes!  He showed a photograph of Bella to Daddy and Mummy and I’m told she was very good looking.  But then again, we all are.

A day out with Daddy

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo House and I went in with Karen and I spoke to my friends in the Red Drawing Room.  It was very pleasant for me to be patted by them and afterwards I lay underneath the table as Karen played a game with the Residents.  It was a very, very hot day.

On our way back we stopped at Ardene Kennels at Kingswells to get some more worming pills for me, and as we left Daddy said to me “oh look Humphrey”.  Coming out of a car in the car park was this gorgeous Bull Dog.  Daddy stopped the car and Fiona came across and we sniffed at each other and she was quite excited to see me – which is very understandable.  At 3 years old she was almost my age and she was a very, very friendly good looking girl.  What a pleasant day.

Press the “Paws” button


Well Well.  Richard has sent me a Press Release which was published on the tenth of July headed

“Press the paws button: lonely dogs get their own TV channel” How exciting.

When I am sitting in the study at night with mummy and daddy I often look at the television especially if there is a dog in the programme.  That might be because the television is geared for human beings and up till now little attractive for man’s best friend.  However in America a new breed of programming is bringing tail-wagging news for home-alone dogs, offering them their own television channel as an entertainment alternative to chasing the cat and chewing old slippers.

DogTV, a round the clock digital cable channel launched in the US, “offers a promise to our beloved best friends that they should never again feel alone and will turn any pining pup into a confident, happy dog” less likely to develop stress and separation anxiety.

“the dog approved programming content was created to entertain, relax and stimulate stay-at-home dogs, so owners don’t come home to ripped-up couches, shredded magazines or a favourite pair of heels chewed to bits”, said a statement from PTV Media.

And far from changing the likes of myself into a canine couch potato, which is what I am regularly accused of being,  DogTV will apparently “enrich our lives with mutt-friendly content that has been developed with help from pet experts and animal psychologists”.  The Humane Society of the United States has endorsed the launch, saying that “DogTV is definitely barking up the right tree”.

Wayne Pacelle, its President and Chief Executive said “it’s about creating a stimulating environment for them.”   The channel makes “no bones “ – I like that phrase.  Daddy and others will have to pay £6.75 per month for this if and when it is available in Britain.

At last our importance as man’s best friend is being recognised with our own TV channel.

British Bulldog

Well, we Bulldogs have public recognition again of our importance in Britain’s place in the world. This is not me being overly big-headed it’s actually what the Times said on Tuesday 2 July on the front page of their insert. There is this wonderful photograph of an English Bulldog wearing a Union Jack. When Daddy showed it to some of his staff they all thought it was me. I don’t know who he is but my goodness isn’t he handsome – but then all male Bulldogs are!

British Bulldog
British Bulldog

Sleepover with the Boys

I love company and because of this, when I’m on my holidays in Edinburgh, I choose to sleep in the same room as either Hamish or Cameron. So you can imagine how happy I was to find that as a last-night-treat Cameron had organised a sleepover with two of his friends, Ally and Charlie! We stayed up very late and the boys chatted and played on the PlayStation – goodness knows when they put the light out and went to sleep as I’d crashed ages before as it was way past my usual bedtime. I must have been really tired because when Jennifer came to wake me to get me ready for my trip home to Aberdeen today she found it really difficult to wake me up. But eventually she had to give up being subtle about it and she had to start shaking me awake – and in so doing woke up all the boys. This was actually quite nice because they got to say goodbye to me.
As an aside, I’ve been told before that I’m a terrible snorer and I even snore when I’m awake (not many adults can do that!) But, my goodness, Cameron’s friend Ally must be worse than me – what a racket he made! Luckily I got back to sleep and then Cameron and Charlie would have been serenaded by two snorers – poor things. Here’s a photo of me on my sleepover sharing the bottom of the bed with Charlie.

Me Sharing Charlie's Bed
Me Sharing Charlie’s Bed