Oh what a glorious Easter!

Oh what a glorious Easter!

On Saturday Mummy and Daddy took me to the beach and we walked along the promenade in the spring sunshine and I spoke to a number of dogs, children and adults and it was very enjoyable.

On Sunday we went to Hazlehead Park and it was charming. Lots and lots of families with children running everywhere, all looking for Easter Eggs which had been hidden around the park. Lots of dogs came up and we had a good sniff of each other. Outside the café a young man came up to me and told Mummy and Daddy that he had two Bulldogs, a Mummy and Daddy. Think of that, twice the pleasure!

On Monday Daddy took me out to Inchmarlo and it looked beautiful in the sunshine.

Springtime at Inchmarlo House
Springtime at Inchmarlo House

I went into the Red Drawing Room and spoke to a number of residents. We then walked to the new Sensory Garden and spoke to two ladies sitting there.P1050624 We then walked all around Westfield and there were lots of Home Owners sitting outside in the gorgeous sunshine and neighbours chatting to each other.P1050635P1050634P1050630P1050629

Daddy took a lot of photographs because the grounds looked so stunning.

When we went round Queen Victoria Park I saw two ladies sitting together in the sun so we went up and spoke to them. The Home Owner, who had only been at Inchmarlo for 3 months, had her sister visiting her from Perthshire. Daddy introduced me to them and it turned out Daddy knew both their brother and also their brother-in-law. It’s a small world isn’t it?P1050651P1050648P1050649

I just want you to see some of the photographs of the daffodils and the trees as it was just so beautiful.P1050638P1050640P1050656P1050641

Hope to see some of you on the Garden Open Day on 8 June. I will be walking around and seeing that everything is all correct as usual.


Happy Birthday

What an exciting day, I am 4 years old!  How time passes quickly especially when people say that one day in a dog’s life is equal to 7 days in my Daddy and Mummy’s lives.  I got a wonderful new bed for the back of the car, and here is me sitting on it.

My Birthday Present
My Birthday Present

The last one I had been using since I was knee high to a grasshopper and was now far too small.  Mummy and Daddy went down to Pets At Home and purchased this lovely luxurious one, and it’s going to be much more comfortable for me, when I am travelling or sleeping (as usual) in the back of the Citroen.  I also got another toy – yes I know another one – which I can chew to my heart’s content and which rattles whenever I move it.  Aren’t I a lucky dog!


It is tremendously good for my ego when we go to Hazlehead or the beach, due to the number of people who come up to speak to me and say things like how beautiful, adorable, very friendly and lovely I am.  It would make the average dog big headed.  However, physically I have a very big head anyway so it really doesn’t make any difference but I can tell you it’s very nice to hear.

I saw Daddy show Mummy a photograph in the Daily Mail of 27/03/14.  This was of an extraordinarily beautiful white bulldog and the owner was saying that whenever she mentions to Angus that they were going for a walk he runs away and hides.  Now I don’t run away and hide, but whenever I hear the words “walkies” or “Humphrey we’re going for a walk”, I actually switch off my hearing – which is usually very acute – and pretend I’m still asleep and keep on snoring, even though I am wide awake.  Eventually, Daddy will half lift me out of my beanbag, put my front legs into my harness, secure the harness on me and even then I’m extremely reluctant to go outside the front door.  It is interesting that we English Bulldogs, who for many years have been a symbol of the British spirit and resolve, as epitomised by Sir Winston Churchill, are very similar, in that, we are homebodies, we do not like going outside for a walk.  Angus was featured because he weighs 4st 10lbs and according to the PDSA is “morbidly obese”.  The vet says my weight is satisfactory but my seasonal alopecia is coming back.  Oh dear!  I must say that when eventually I get to Hazlehead or the beach and particulary Inchmarlo I do enjoy going out and meeting people.  But in general, I prefer my beanbag and the company of my family.

Pleasant Visits

On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, Mummy, Daddy and I go down to the beach for a walk along the beach front.  Recently it has been terribly windy and when we were there last Sunday, the beach was completely deserted.  If the weather is warm enough we walk back to the Sanddollar and sit and have something to drink.  Mummy has a cappuccino, Daddy has a hot chocolate and I get only a bowl of cold water – life is unfair sometimes.  This last Saturday, instead of going to the beach we went to Hazlehead and it was wonderful because the place was packed full of people walking dogs of all types and we went up and spoke to each other.  Everybody was very friendly, including their owners.

Last week a Care Inspector came to Inchmarlo and Daddy and I went out in the afternoon to get the briefing comments.  I heard Daddy telling Mummy the comments were extremely flattering and when the meeting was about finished the Inspector said “I have been so looking forward to meeting Humphrey, I have been following his blog”.  Daddy said “he’s in the car”, so he came out and took me into the reception just as a whole lot of residents were going in for their evening meal.  I do not lie when I say they were very pleased to see me.  I spoke to them all and then to the Inspector.  It really was a very pleasant visit.

After that Daddy and I walked all round Westfield looking at the garden plants and just seeing everything was hunky dory.


Well, I’m back in Aberdeen again having been down for yet another holiday with Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron.  As always I had a wonderful time and everybody was very kind to me.  Apparently my snoring, as usual, caused a little trouble but I don’t like being on my own.  Whenever Jennifer and Graeme were working in their “office” I always want to go and be right next to them.  I would fall asleep on my beanbag and then snore so loudly that they would get up and very quietly pull my beanbag, with me on it into the hall and shut the door.  When I woke up I could not work out how I was on my own instead of being with Jennifer and Graeme.  Do I walk in my sleep?  I was completely unaware of what they were doing.

In the Office after "lunch"
In the Office after “lunch”

The boys have a rabbit which lives in its own hutch in the garden and I’m in the house and I must say it is a peculiar looking animal.  It has big ears, a big black nose and is covered in fur.  No I’m not looking at myself in a mirror!  However the rabbit would occasionally come over to the French windows but when it saw me look at it, it would dash away and hide.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to get up close and sniff the rabbit because it is just too scared.

I see you
I see you

As I told you before I get very, very upset if I’m not allowed to go up and sleep with Cameron or Hamish on their beds.  One paticular time when Graeme had been very busy and had a long lie-in, I sneaked up and had a sleep with him on his bed and it was very pleasant.


While my holidays in Edinburgh are very pleasant, it’s always nice to go back to my own home.