Some more important birthdays!

Oh what a busy time I’ve had with one birthday party after another. You’ve already seen that I went out to congratulate the three ladies in Inchmarlo House, Mrs H, Mrs F and Mrs W – 304 years between them!

However, I felt just a little bit miffed because there have been other important birthdays recently, and they are mine and Daddy’s. I am five years old which is middle-age for an English bulldog, so Richard went and got me a SUPER DOG outfit and here I am so that you can all see just how super a SUPER DOG I am.IMG_1148 - Humphrey as Superman

But it’s not just me who’s celebrating an important birthday; Daddy celebrated a very major birthday, so Richard went and got him a birthday cake specially made by Fondant Cake Design in Aberdeen, in the form of my face.

Can you see the resemblance?
Can you see the resemblance?

He knew that Daddy would be very happy since he often says that I’m good enough to eat! So we took the cake to Inchmarlo to share with the Residents. Here is a photograph of Head Chef Colin showing me the cake with Daddy and Richard – doesn’t it look just like me?

Isn't it wonderful?
Isn’t it wonderful?

Colin took the cake inside and he cut it up and handed out slices to all the Residents. Normally I do not get to eat cake – even though it was my birthday and even though the cake was of me, but two Residents dropped part of their cake on the floor and as quick as a flash I was there eating it up before anyone could clear it up. I can tell you it was absolutely yummy.

I had a very happy birthday and felt very satisfied that my birthday had been recognised alongside Daddy’s, Mrs H’s, Mrs F’s and Mrs W’s.