Oscar and Charlie

Oscar and Charlie were up visiting me again, and oh, there’s never a moment that they’re not speaking to me, or lying on top of me, or asking where I am. Even when I’m absolutely exhausted and trying to get to sleep, they want to be with me. Oh, but I do love them so much!

All boys together!
All boys together!

The Cutest Things Ever!

Daddy was sent one of the most beautiful photographs he has seen in some considerable time, which brought his emotions to the fore and almost made him drool in the mouth. It is a photograph of nine bulldog puppies all bunched up together in a heap. Aren’t they the cutest things ever?Cutest little puppies ever!

Surfing Bulldogs!!

Some time ago I told you about a bulldog in America that was skateboarding, well recently Daddy was sent a new clip of not 1 but 3 bulldogs surfing. First of all on a beach and then on a mountainside covered in snow. It’s an absolutely wonderful clip, and for those of you who enjoy looking at one of the most interesting and gorgeous dogs ever created – the English bulldog like me – the website is: