Exhausting Christmas

Oh my goodness, what an exhausting time I had at Christmas.  Pamela and Richard were up with Charlie and Oscar and when they’re in my house, there is never a minute that they aren’t running about enjoying themselves.  I love it for the first few days because I follow them everywhere, but after a while it just gets absolutely exhausting.P1080829

On Christmas Day itself, pandemonium broke out and I, of course, had to check that the various presents for the boys were suitable, especially those that I was going to get later in the day.P1080840

I just love those multi-coloured chewing sticks that the boys kindly bought for me.  I got quite a number of them, but you know this, the colour of my poo changed from tan/brown to green!  However, I wasn’t worried, I take little things like that in my stride.P1080836

One of Oscar’s presents was a battery operated toy which made a funny noise and when it came straight at me, it gave me such a fright.P1080841

Over the Festive period, daddy took me and Charlie out to Inchmarlo to say hello to my friends and I was photographed with some of them.P1080845P1080848

After I spoke to the Residents and some of the Home Owners visiting Inchmarlo, we walked all the way round part of the Estate and by the time I got home I was very tired. I was quite happy that Oscar didn’t want to play but rather use me as his favourite pillow again.P1080853

On one of the days, when it was getting dark, Mummy took Oscar and me around the Den.  Oscar held the lead and he also carried a torch to see where he was going and we walked all the way round.  Oscar was very, very good illuminating the way wher we should walk.P1080855