Westfield and Pinefield on a lovely sunny day.

I’ve been out at Inchmarlo a great deal doing my duties and supervising the gardeners, and this particular day it was just stunningly beautiful. We went all round the Alpine Garden and then walked around Westfield and I suggested Daddy took a lot of photographs because everything was looking just gorgeous.P1090322P1090318P1090316

When we went to look at Pinefield, there were some Home Owners sitting out having refreshments in the sunshine. They waved to Daddy and myself so we went up and chatted to them for a little time.P1090327


Summer Garden Open Day

We had our normal Open Day under Scotland’s Garden Scheme on the 22nd May.  It was intermittently sunny, but still pleasant and quite a number of people came and visited the gardens as usual.  We had signs up for the Sensory Garden and the Rainbow Garden and many of the people who came to visit had afternoon tea in the Dining Room.P1090276P1090258

Crathes Vintage Car Rally

The Crathes Vintage Car Rally was here again on Sunday, and it was an absolutely beautiful day. As usual the cars drove up, parked around the roundabout and Residents in the Home were mostly sitting out in chairs in the gorgeous sunshine, watching as the cars came up, and then after a period of time, watching them drive round the roundabout and away again.P1090294P1090296P1090303P1090306P1090298P1090311

I went over and spoke to a number of my friends among the Residents, and later Daddy took me round and we inspected the cars, all of them were much older than me! One of the young boys with the cars was Finlay McLean, so we were introduced to each other and I had a good look and sniff round the car.P1090301

I suggested to Daddy that since the rhododendrons and azaleas were in full bloom that he should invite some of the drivers to go up and view the main Alpine Garden. He did so and a number of them went and when they came back they said how stunningly beautiful they were.

Glorious Weather

Oh what a glorious time this is! I have been out to Inchmarlo regularly walking around the estate looking at the new houses going up at Pinecrest. Although the last time Daddy took me up there I staged a sit down and refused to walk up to undertake my usual supervisory role. The reason for it was quite simple: there was a tremendous amount of banging going on and I don’t like loud noises because with my super sensitive hearing it disturbs me, so I just sat down. Daddy understood, so we went elsewhere.

The weather this week has been in the high 80’s. Some of the papers say that Aberdeen, including Royal Deeside, was one of the hottest places in Britain. It certainly felt like it. When I go with Daddy into Julie’s office I often look at her meaningfully, and she turns up the air conditioning to cool me down.

Monday was a very pleasant day for me because Daddy was going to host another Film Night in Inchmarlo House. People join up in teams and they guess who were the film stars and the names of the films produced in Hollywood’s Golden Era. To fit with the Hollywood theme Daddy got the head chef to cook recipes from famous Hollywood restaurants. They chose Chicken Paprika from Mama Weiss, Roast Chicken stuffed under the skin with sun dried tomatoes and roast garlic from Bel-Air Hotel, Beverly Hills, to be followed by Grapefruit Cake from the Brown Derby. On the menu that day for the residents was Yellow Fish with Cream Sauce, a recipe by Paul Bocuse, whom I have mentioned on a number of times before and I absolutely adore his recipe. Daddy got some from Head Chef Colin and I ate it at home later. Colin also put in a couple of pieces of the roast chicken, which I loved but the roast garlic not to my taste! and also some of the chicken paprika, but with the sauce taken off. – Oh yummy, yummy, yummy!