Humphrey’s Autumn Blog

This is one of my favourite times of year and the reason for it is that so many of the trees change the colour of their leaves to match my colour, isn’t that nice?  This week I persuaded Daddy to take me out to Inchmarlo and after speaking to the residents in Inchmarlo House, we walked up the main garden where Daddy photographed many of the trees in their autumnal colours – or should I say Humphrey colours and they looked spectacular in the gorgeous sunshine.

Apparently, two of our Home Owners have their Grandchildren staying with them and they’ve gone about putting “eyes” on some of the bushes.  I must tell you that I found them somewhat disconcerting. It looked to me as though there was a very big animal peeking through the trees at me.  I hadn’t seen this before and I’m not absolutely sure that I would like to see it again!

Other than that, quite a number of Home Owners who were walking through the Alpine Garden, who came up and spoke to me. Four of them said they hadn’t met me before but had read my blog on a number of occasions.  Isn’t it nice to be famous?p1090836dsc_3711

The whole of Inchmarlo  Estate was stunning!  The next day I persuaded Daddy to go back  and take some more photographs with his best camera, oh wasn’t it sheer joy walking around with Home Owners coming to speak to me while looking at the trees.  We dogs like trees very much!  There were however some funny things moving about in the parkland in front of the main house which I’m told are called “sheep”. They are much bigger than me and have a very funny coat. Whenever I go near them they stare at me making me feel somewhat uncomfortable because I can’t get close to them and they never come close to me. However walking along the top row in Westfield I came across this Home Owner who had a cat which I don’t see very often, it started walking towards me – obviously a very courageous cat!  When I started to move closer to it, it ran away, maybe in the future we can become friends.