My New Friend Tara

I’ve been out at Inchmarlo a few times recently and the last time I was out, there was a very young girl called Tara in the reception area with her mother and her grandparents who they were visiting. I, as I always do, went up to say hello and she drew back very quickly, obviously nervous about me. We were told by her Mummy that in due course she would like a dog and I thought she must get over her fear of animals if she wants her own doggy. So, off I went speaking to other people in reception. I went all the way through to the Picture Gallery and the Red Drawing Room speaking to many people, afterward, I came back and went up to Tara, this time she didn’t look nervous. After a little while, she took the initiative and we became friendly, so I think I did a good deed by helping her get over her fear of dogs. I regret that I didn’t ask Daddy to take a photograph of the two of us together – one very young girl and one very handsome bulldog!

Fine Dining Club Christmas Dinner

Daddy collected a carry-out for me from Inchmarlo. Earlier this week a group of Home Owners, The Fine Dining Club, had their annual Christmas Dinner. The Fine Dining Club has been operating for a number of years, organised entirely by the Home Owners who take it in turns to Chair the dinners, select the menu and the wines. Naturally, I cannot attend because I’m not allowed in rooms when people are eating – which I understand – a little – because back at home I sit with Mummy and Daddy the children and grandchildren when they are eating with no problems what so ever. However, Head Chef Colin is very, very kind to me and while I cannot be present I do get to sample some of the left-overs. The Menu this time, selected by the Home Owner chairing the dinner was:

Vegetable Terrine with Smoked Salmon and Champagne Sauce.

Seasonal Game Casserole with Port and Red wine

Pheasant, Quail, Mallard Ravioli and with Venison Sausages, served with Game Chips

Followed by Apricot Frangipane Tart, Chocolate Mousse and Pistachio Pudding.

By jove, that sounds attractive! Now the only bits, you understand, that I would fancy are the Pheasant, the Quail and the Venison sausages, so Head Chef Colin very kindly gave Daddy a carry-out which he took home, and I have sampled most of it. As somebody called Colonel Sanders used to say it was “Finger Licking Good”.