Scotland’s Garden Scheme Open Day at Inchmarlo

I was there on Sunday the 21st of May since we opened our gardens once again under Scotland’s Garden Scheme with the two charities selected, as usual, the Forget Me Not Club Banchory and Alzheimer’s Scotland. It was a nice day, unfortunately, the sun wasn’t shining but never-the-less it was warm and lots of people came to view the gardens. Despite the fact I am sitting next to the Bar sign, I can tell you I didn’t have any alcoholic drinks.

Mummy and I walked up through the Alpine Garden then on to the Rainbow Garden and the Sensory Garden which was designed by primary school pupils from Keig School in 2012 in a competition in conjunction with the Press & Journal.

Many visitors went into the Dining Room and Bar for afternoon tea, except me! I think it’s a bit unfair but the rule is I cannot go into any room in the house when food is being served.

We had quite a number of children visiting and a few of them came up to speak to me. I gave one little boy my business card and there is a photograph of him holding it.


100_3935 The Plant Stall

100_3888  Resting in the Alpine Garden




















100_3919  Rainbow Garden – studying the layout




100_3925  A young fan holding my business card

100_3934  Inside the Rainbow Garden


100_3928  In the Putting Green


100_3939  At the Sensory Garden



Our Garden Experiment!

My expertise in gardens and plants was called up recently at Inchmarlo when Daddy and I met Jennifer Brodie of Remin to supervise the planting of a selection of plants. 3 boxes of garden flowers were planted in normal earth and 3 boxes of the same flowers except volcanic rock dust had been added to the earth. Daddy had met Jennifer at the AECC 2 months ago when he was told that she had set up a company called Remin Scotland Ltd., which provides earth mixed with volcanic dust, which she believes provides a better result when the plants bloom. Because we have so many plants and flowers around Inchmarlo, Daddy thought he would offer the use of Inchmarlo as a testing ground. Last week our Head Gardener Jim, Jennifer, Daddy and I went and supervised the boxes. The Press & Journal sent out a photographer and it will be fascinating to see the difference in the growth and flowering of the plants with the volcanic dust compared to the plants without over the next two months.

Show House Open Day

p1090927You will remember this photograph of me when the houses at Pinecrest were being built. We were having an open day on Saturday and a number of people have said they would come. It was a very nice day and so I suggested that Daddy should get a series of photographs of the house so that people reading this blog can see just how spacious it is. Two bedrooms, one en-suite and a third bedroom or study. The first batch of 8 houses are all sold and we are about to start building on the second batch of 4 houses which will be identical to the first row of houses albeit slightly further to the east, all with south views.

Here are the photographs.