All In A Days Work

Daddy got a request from a lady who had booked her mother into a respite room for a few days because she had to go to a business meeting down south. In her email, she said that her mother was very keen on dogs, and as she had read about me she would be very pleased if I could go out and meet her. Daddy discussed it with me and I agreed to go out and welcome her. It was an absolutely gorgeous day at Inchmarlo – but of course it always is! I was taken up by one of the carers to see our new guest and we had a very nice chat. She patted and greeted me warmly and we had an enjoyable meeting. I am always happy to do my job and welcome new acquaintances.

Meeting New Friends

What a fascinating day I had on Saturday afternoon. We went out to Hazlehead Park to walk through the Rose Gardens which I enjoyed very much. As we were walking, I heard Daddy say,” Good heavens, look at this”. Around the next corner of the garden I saw a sight that brought tears to my eyes, 2 bulldogs walking towards me. Their names were Coco and Pooch. We met, had a good sniff of each other and spoke and it was very pleasant. Pooch, the male was quite a bit bigger than the Coco, a female and of course also much better looking, it’s always that way with humans isn’t it! Then as we finished our walk and Daddy was lifting me up into the car I heard him say “Good heavens “again, here was another Bulldog walking toward us. Ahhh what a blissful day!