Christmas with the Boys

Oh, I’ve been busy, we had the family up for Christmas day, Pamela, Richard, with the two boys Charlie and Oscar. I can tell you there has hardly been a moment of quietness when we are all in the same room together. Well, that’s maybe an exaggeration because on Christmas Day they put a pair of antlers on me and here I am playing a reindeer and Charlie in his PJ’s. 


Neither Charlie or Oscar have the benefit of having a dog near them down in their own home so when they are with me they are With Me! This is Oscar and he knows I just love being tickled underneath my front legs and here he is doing it when I’m resting in my blue bean bag in the kitchen. 


In the evening when they are undressed and ready for bed, I like to sit in my orange bean bag in front of the fire in the studio. Both Charlie and Oscar like to sit with me and watch television. Isn’t this very cool and friendly. 


Charlie is older, so he is much more contemplative than Oscar and both of us are concentrating on the television TV programme. 


Charlie is now into doing magic, particularly card tricks, and here he is doing one for me. 


He asks me to choose a card which he then shows me and before I know what has happened he has changed it. He is very, very clever for his age!

I was absolutely delighted that when Charlie came downstairs on his first night, he was wearing his energy saving T-shirt with my photograph on the front of it. Wasn’t that nice of him. 


Anyway, I had a very nice time with the boys as usual, but my goodness it was busy. Oscar, in particular, aged 6, is rarely ever still so if he is running back and forward between the study, the kitchen and the drawing room, I feel obliged to follow him, to see what he is up to. so consequentially I don’t get as much rest as I would like. They left this afternoon, so I will be able to have a very long snooze.

My New Friend Rosie

Something very exciting at Inchmarlo has happened. As all my friends know I have been a supervising Therapet for some years. We also have another therapet that comes in during the week. But the big, big news for me was when I heard that Julie our Director and General manager, Julie, had got a new puppy!

Daddy took me out to meet the puppy called Rosie. Now Rosie is a St Bernard and I’m used to seeing puppies that are very small but my goodness, Rosie is very, very big and not as sensitive as I am. So, we met outside the Green Drawing room and immediately she started to want to play. 


I, of course, was very keen to meet her and here we all are. 



Julie, Richard, Rosie, and Myself. Julie is holding Rosie which is just as well because after a very short time I found her playfulness somewhat tiresome. She is over twice my height, she has got legs like concrete pillars and she wants to play all the time! I am 71/2 years old and much more sedate. While I don’t mind sniffing other dogs or puppies for that matter, I like to do it in a much more controlled gentlemanly type of way. Rosie is very young and very big, Daddy tells me she is very beautiful, well – that’s a matter of opinion – but she is certainly enthusiastic, and as they say about some people – a little goes a long way!

Daddy likes her very much – but of course, he likes all dogs and especially puppies – no doubt I will meet Rosie on future visits to Inchmarlo and hopefully, she will have quietened down a bit and she doesn’t try to put these massive legs of hers on top of me.

One of the Home Owners in Westfield takes her for a walk around the estate most afternoons so Rosie gets plenty of exercise.

At one point I got so irritated with her continually trying to play with me that I growled at her! Just a little bit, but Daddy told me to be quiet so I naturally quietened down. I hope Rosie and I will become friends when she becomes more mature. In about a year she will be about 3 times my height and weight and it will be like a cow trying to become friendly with an elephant!

Here is Rosie looking very peaceful with Julie