February Ramblings

My goodness, it has been a very cold January.  I go out for my walkies without any additional coat or blanket on me and it just shows you that I’m much stronger than humans.  On the way out to Inchmarlo the other day we saw some horses in the fields with coats on top of them and I think it’s unfair that they have waterproof coats when I don’t.  Admittedly when I come back from a walk when it’s been raining, Daddy always dries me down with my towel which he keeps heated on top of the radiator, so the discomfort doesn’t last too long.

Last week I was out at Inchmarlo a few times walking and looking at sites for new buildings and in the distance, we saw one of our Home Owners taking Rosie for a walk or, since Rosie is so big, maybe it’s the other way around!  If you remember, Rosie is a St. Bernard puppy who is already 3 times my size! We spoke to each other only very briefly because she wants to play all the time – a typical female!    Daddy likes her but quite frankly I could do without any close friendship with her! 

Daddy had lunch with Julie in the bar and the main course which he selected was saute d’agneau (lamb stew) by Paul Bocuse.  Paul Bocuse was the most famous chef in France for many years and Daddy and Mummy ate in his restaurant on 3 separate occasions and on one of them, Mr. Bocuse seeing Daddy taking a photograph of the kitchen, pulled him into the kitchen and the two of them were photographed together.(see photo)  His restaurant is just outside Lyon on the River Saone and Daddy always thought he was one of the best Chefs in the world. A number of  Paul Bocuses recipes are frequently on the menu at Inchmarlo for residents in the care home and for the Home Owners and guests eating in the Bar.  Head Chef Colin, as usual, gave Daddy a container with some of the stew for me to eat at home.  I can tell you it’s absolutely delicious!