Church Service

Well, last Sunday was different from the majority of Sundays, not just because I’m not usually out at Inchmarlo but because we hosted a church service for members of Rubislaw and Queen’s Cross Churches.  This was the second church event we held over the last few years and David, our Head Security man, and his staff erected the marquee in the main garden just south of the Rainbow Garden.  It was just as well since, unfortunately, it rained all day!

Despite the rain, Daddy and I walked around and inspected the marquee, and everything was set up for the worshippers with one exception.  After Daddy and I walked back down to the main house he put me back in the car and I stayed there until the service was over.  What I didn’t know, neither did Daddy, that it wasn’t just worshippers that took part in the service and sung the hymns, there was a dog in there accompanying his owners!  If I had known that, I would have insisted that I should attend also. After all, Inchmarlo is in my “bailiwick”.  The service went very well, both ministers from Rubislaw and Queens Cross spoke.  There was singing albeit without an organ or piano, but it was a very pleasant event – even with the rain hitting the marquee.  Afterwards, almost everyone went to the Cowshed on the Raemoir Road for supper.  Daddy told me later that the fish and chips were excellent.  Now I love fish, albeit not in a batter and certainly not with chips.  So, I missed out on two things, the Church Service, and a fish supper!