2019 Open Garden Day

Daddy Mummy and I went out to Inchmarlo on the third Sunday of May for our Open Garden Day. As usual the sun shone on us and it was absolutely lovely. We got there early, and the first lot of cars were parked in the parkland south of Inchmarlo House. Daddy and I walked up through the gardens he took a lot of photographs of the azaleas and rhododendrons which were in bloom and were looking magnificent – as usual.

The difference this year was that Julie had arranged for an ice cream van to come for the younger visitors and of course they all enjoyed the ice cream and lollies as did many of their parents and grandparents.

Daddy and I went down and studied the sign at the front gate which included a new quote from the Sunday Times. This had appeared in their recent supplement on Retirement Housing stating “The Inchmarlo Retirement Village, One Of The First  And Still One Of The Best In The UK. Buyers From All Over The Country Have Been Moving Here Since 1986, Confident They Will Be Able To Stay As Long As They Need”.  I felt proud to be part of the team!

We then went and spoke to Julie and Rosie who is a young St. Bernard – my goodness she is big and very strong!

A bit of sadness however, Daddy and I went up to our pet cemetery and I sat down beside a gravestone which had flowers on it to mark the anniversary of the death of a pet. Isn’t it nice that people think about us even after we have gone and have left their lives?

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