“The Most Outstanding Continuous Care Community in the UK”

Well my goodness, what a busy time I had on Wednesday night. Inchmarlo had been recognised by the UK’s over 50’s Housing Awards as “The Most Outstanding Continuous Care Community in the UK”.

Daddy decided that we should have a celebration so all the Home Owners were invited to come to Inchmarlo House at 6.30pm for 7.15pm for supper which was Gordon Ramsay’s Cottage Pie and a selection of the four most popular desserts we serve.

They gathered with a glass of bubbly in the Picture Gallery, the Red Drawing Room, the Bar and also mingled outside on the lawn. The weather was very, very nice, warm and sunny.

As before, scaffolding had been arranged and the photographers arrived.  Daddy invited all the Home Owners to come out for a group photograph on the steps. A super photograph was taken with Daddy, Mummy, Jennifer, who is the Deputy Chairman, and of course Julie Mackenzie, the Director of Inchmarlo, and on the extreme right hand, David Pratt, Head of Security.

Naturally I was included in the photograph in my rightful position – dead centre in the front!

After the photographs, everyone moved into the Dining Room or the Marquee to have supper.  Of course, as usual, I was not allowed inside when food is being served. 

This doesn’t particularly bother me, because Head Chef Colin is very kind and saves for me spare food that he knows I like.

Everything went extremely well and the desserts particularly were wildly applauded, some people had more than one including Daddy, who has a very sweet tooth.


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