Colorful Autumn at Inchmarlo

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo today because the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were sure that the trees and the plants would be very photogenic, and they were! We started off at the main house and then went all around the village taking photographs of the spectacular foliage on the trees and the plants. Daddy and I met a couple of Home Owners who were sitting on benches enjoying the sunshine. Here is what Inchmarlo looks like on an autumnal day and isn’t it just beautiful for everyone including Home Owners and Residents in the village and who visit.  Inchmarlo has some of the tallest trees of their type in Britain. Some are over 40m tall.

As you understand, I like trees very much for an entirely different reason.  I’m not interested in the color and foliage of the trees but I do like trees!  In fact, I’m spoiled for choice at Inchmarlo!

I went and admired all the knitting that the residents in Inchmarlo House had done to enhance and liven up the Sensory Garden. 




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