Gardens in Bloom

What an absolutely gorgeous day it was at Inchmarlo yesterday! While Daddy and Julie had lunch on the lawn in front of Inchmarlo House in the beautiful sunshine, I lay under the table in the shade because it was very hot.

Daddy and Julie sampled a cake made by Head Chef Colin from a recipe by the 3* Michelin Chef Paul Bocuse who recently died. The cake is to be included in the next Food Tasting Dinner (43rd) for Home Owners and friends of Inchmarlo to sample recipes for possible inclusion on the regular menus. I occasionally enjoy leftovers from one of Paul Bocuse’s other recipes Saute d’agneau (lamb stew), which is frequently on the menu and is so delicious. Another favorite from Paul Bocuse is Torte à la rhubarbe – but I do not fancy rhubarb!

Quite a number of residents came out after their lunch and went into the Sensory Garden, where they sat on the chairs near the small fountain. I went over and sat with them and enjoyed speaking to them (and being patted) while they had their afternoon tea.  It really was a lovely day.

Later Daddy and I walked up through the main garden to see the rhododendron and azalea blooms. While a number of them have blooms, the majority have not yet blossomed. We then went to Garden Wood where Daddy visited one of the Home Owners to discuss plans to expand his garage. I walked around his house and garden and it was quite exciting to see his rhododendrons and azaleas in full bloom, where only a hundred yards away in the main garden they were not yet out. Why that should be the case I don’t know because I’m not an expert on gardening. I will have to ask Jim Wilkie, our Head Gardener.

Afterward, we walked down to the Sales Office where I chatted to Dawn and another Home Owner from Queen Victoria Park. Daddy and I then walked up to the House. It had been a long walk for me, but it was a glorious day. I then jumped into the car and we went home.


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