Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas and New Year is over again! My goodness it was exhausting!

Richard has been home from Bangkok and the three of us went down to Edinburgh for lunch with Jennifer and family. Pamela and her family came up from London, so we had a super time, and when everybody else was opening presents, I got some presents for myself. Hamish and Cameron have two rabbits and I had another look at them through the glass door, but they took one look at me and rushed away!

Mid-afternoon we returned to Aberdeen and Pamela and her family joined us later. Oscar is now crawling about and he has got the most remarkably irritating habit of crawling up to me and putting his hand bang into my face.  But I am such a good-natured dog that I don’t take offence but only turn away. Other than that he is a cute little boy and next time I see him I have no doubt he will be walking and will then be taller than I am. At the moment he is about half my size.P1030399P1030391P1030388P1030394

Over Christmas and New Year we had lots of walks along the beach and through the Den and the weather was lovely. The only thing I did not enjoy was a bath!  Unlike my two predecessors Ollie and Jaimie I am quite calm in the bath.  I don’t really like it, but I put up with it because I too want to smell sweetly and I get lots of treats too.P1030406




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