Survey of Inchmarlo Home Owners – January 2013

The services we provide to Home Owners at Inchmarlo Retirement Village are registered with and regulated by the Care Inspectorate.

As part of the minimum standards of care we are expected to provide regular surveys to all who live here.

Here is a selection of some comments in response to being asked what they like about living at Inchmarlo:

Courtyard Home Owners

“We like the security, the friendship and the catering”

“I like the independence coupled with help when required and the wonderful helpful attitude of the staff. It’s a lovely part of the country”

Fairways Home Owners

“We like the feeling of security and the beautifully maintained grounds”

“I like the beauty of the surroundings with no responsibility for the upkeep and the security of knowing that help is available if required.”

“The friendly attitude of the staff”

“The fact that owners have the opportunity to participate or not in numerous activities and events”

Pinefield Home Owners

“We were at Inchmarlo, left and came back so what can we say? Having said that we left a lovely home and beautiful site, our only regrets are not staying there. We can only blame ourselves for that”

“Beautiful, peaceful environment, excellent facilities and friendly, helpful neighbours. Also staff and security always very helpful and pleasant to deal with”

“We like the security of the estate, the security patrols, snow clearing and de-icing of roads and paths”

“My neighbours are friendly and supportive. As with an insurance policy should circumstances warrant, support is available from the Care Home. Secure environment in a quiet garden location”

Queen Victoria Park Home Owners

“Freedom to live the lifestyle one prefers secure in the knowledge that assistance is always on hand if required”

“A very pleasant and well kept residential area. The staff are all very amenable and friendly. There is plenty of entertainment in the house. Medical assistance is available, above all there is security for the future”

“Independent living in beautiful surroundings with the reassurance of back up help available when required”

Westfield Home Owners

“Delighted with everything!”

“We enjoy the croquet, putting, handicrafts, and social forum lunches and occasionally attend the wine and dine evenings in the Big House”

“The view from our lounge window when the trees are in full leaf”

“The gardens and walks in the estate, surrounding area and Deeside generally”

“Our comfortable and spacious bungalow”

“The safeguards for property security and medical emergency”

One of the questions in the Survey asked Home Owners what they would change about Inchmarlo:

“Nothing in particular” – Fairways Home Owner

“Nothing, we are quite happy” – Pinefield Home Owner

“Keep the Status Quo” – Pinefield Home Owner

“Nothing” – Queen Victoria Park Home Owner

“Nothing” – Queen Victoria Park Home Owner

“Would like to move it all to the seaside” – Queen Victoria Park Home Owner

“Happy with services and staff” – Queen Victoria Park Home Owner

“Perfectly satisfied with all” – Westfield Home Owner