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29th September 2010

Hello there. My name is Humphrey and I’m the new therapy assistant at the Inchmarlo Retirement Community.

This blog will describe my life as I train for my new job. All of the experiences I have and the new friends that I make will be posted here, and you can drop in at any time to see how I’m getting on.
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43rd Food Tasting

4th July 2018

Well, I was partially involved with the 43rd food tasting dinner at Inchmarlo. Most of the recipes were not to my liking, but what usually happens is, Head Chef Colin keeps some of the meat dishes for me to eat afterwards. Unfortunately, this time there was nothing left, and it wasn’t because he under estimated the number of people present, it was the fact that all the plates were cleaned because the guests ate everything and then the kitchen and other staff ate what was left! So, daddy asked Head Chef Colin to make another portion for me, which he took home and I absolutely enjoyed it – probably as much as the majority of the home owners and other guests did on the night itself.

Soupe à l’oignon
Onion Soup
(Paul Bocuse, Lyon)
* * * * *
Lemon Chicken
(Lee Lums, New York)
* * * * *
Rôti de porc à la moutarde
Roast Pork with Mustard
(Paul Bocuse, Lyon)
* * * * *
Torte Sorrano
(The Four Seasons Restaurant, New York)
* * * * *
Lemon and Raspberry Tart
(Nigella Lawson)
* * * * *
As you can see from the menu, as usual these were recipes chosen from restaurants that daddy had visited at various times, except for Lee Lum’s chicken dish, but he’d read about it and Colin made it. I like eating chicken, but I didn’t get the chance to eat this particular one. The evening was very successful with those taking part filling in slips of paper after each course saying whether they liked it, or not, and if they had any suggestions which they wrote down and they also gave the recipe a percentage. Daddy read out the percentages at the end of the next course, which always involves some hilarity because comments such as, “too many onions in the onion soup”, clash with another comment such as, “not enough onions in the onion soup”.

Well, all I can tell you is that if I had been present at the dinner I would have given Paul Bocuse’s recipe ‘Rôti de porc à la moutarde’, 100%, as a large number of the people attending the dinner did. It was absolutely yummy, and I asked daddy to thank Colin very much for taking the trouble to go and make it especially for me. I bet there are very few other Bulldogs who have a chef cook for them a 3* Michelin recipe especially for them!

Humphrey’s Sore Back

3rd July 2018

I haven’t been well recently. Daddy and mummy couldn’t work out why I would suddenly get up and rush from one room to another in a state of panic. So, I was taken to the vet and they thought I had some sort of problem in my back passage, so I was put on medicine to try and remove, or reduce, the discomfort. I must tell you that suddenly feeling something in your bottom and not knowing what it is, is an experience that I have not enjoyed.

After a couple of days on the new medicine it started again and daddy was so concerned with me rushing back and forward in the house and not knowing what to do with myself, that he took me back to the vets and they gave me a sedative to knock me out and then they put a scope up my bottom. They told daddy that it wasn’t a cyst as they originally thought, but I had a problem with my spine, of which part of it seemed to be pressing on a nerve.

Bulldogs are unusual in that our tails grow like a corkscrew direction. Daddy was told that my spine has bits on it, which were pressing on a nerve. I can tell you it was highly uncomfortable having this pain around my bottom and I just didn’t know what to do, or where to go and leave the pain behind.

Daddy got new medicine for me and I’m having pills in the morning and pills in the evening and at the moment, things have been perfectly alright. I love fish, so what daddy does is he takes some pickled herring and he puts the pills in the folds and he feeds it to me. I absolutely enjoy the herring – and don’t taste the medicine at all. Daddy and mummy were very concerned about me and all I can say is, I hope this medicine stops a recurrence of the discomfort. It is generally accepted that bulldogs aren’t the quickest on their feet and that certainly goes for me, except when I had this pain and then I absolutely flew from one room to another! I hope that the pain does not re-occur.


Garden Scheme Open Day 2018

8th June 2018

Well our Garden Open Day has come around again. Daddy, Mummy and I went out and they had lunch then Daddy and I walked all round the main garden with me smelling all the aromas, I told Daddy to take lots of photographs of the Rhododendrons, Azaleas and the Acers because they look absolutely stunning. After smelling all the flowers I felt a bit peelie-wally!


Shetland Ponies Visit – June 2018

8th June 2018

You know how I have made one or two disparaging remarks regarding Rosie who is Julie’s St. Bernard – not because I don’t like other dogs, especially girl dogs, but because she is so big. When she puts her paws on me to play she just about knocks me over. I have, therefore, more or less kept my distance from her when she is feeling playful.

However, the other day there were two other visitors at Inchmarlo which made Rosie look small! These were two Shetland ponies, who make a point of traveling around to visit care homes, hospitals and other places for the elderly. I saw the ponies at Inchmarlo and my goodness they were beautiful looking animals. – I must say, however, they were very, very good with the residents and the staff. They were taken inside through the Picture Gallery and into the Red Drawing Room where several residents were absolutely captivated by them. One lady spent a considerable period stroking one of the pony’s ears and speaking to it. I didn’t want to steal their moment in the spotlight, so I remained outside and let the ponies do the entertaining…

After a little while, a helper took one of the ponies into the lift to visit one of our residents who was keen on meeting them but did not want to come downstairs.

I have to say it was extremely well organized and the ponies were remarkably well behaved. Now when I was very young I used to be unable to control my urges and therefore would occasionally do a poo in the kitchen. – those days are long passed of course! But what happens with a Shetland pony? I asked myself. Well they had a bag connected to their bottom and in fact, one did do a poo while in the house, but I’m told that the bag worked very well.

Strangely enough, I have been to the vet twice in the last week because of a problem with my own bottom – one of my most sensitive parts. It turns out that I had a cyst which meant that at times I would simply rush around the house at full speed because of this sensation down below and I didn’t know what to do to get away from it! I personally could not possibly live with something connected to my bottom and must say I admire the Shetland ponies for equanimity in dealing with this irritation. Well done ponies, you gave a lot of pleasure to my friends, the residents and you are welcome to come back again.


Gardens in Bloom

16th May 2018

What an absolutely gorgeous day it was at Inchmarlo yesterday! While Daddy and Julie had lunch on the lawn in front of Inchmarlo House in the beautiful sunshine, I lay under the table in the shade because it was very hot.

Daddy and Julie sampled a cake made by Head Chef Colin from a recipe by the 3* Michelin Chef Paul Bocuse who recently died. The cake is to be included in the next Food Tasting Dinner (43rd) for Home Owners and friends of Inchmarlo to sample recipes for possible inclusion on the regular menus. I occasionally enjoy leftovers from one of Paul Bocuse’s other recipes Saute d’agneau (lamb stew), which is frequently on the menu and is so delicious. Another favorite from Paul Bocuse is Torte à la rhubarbe – but I do not fancy rhubarb!

Quite a number of residents came out after their lunch and went into the Sensory Garden, where they sat on the chairs near the small fountain. I went over and sat with them and enjoyed speaking to them (and being patted) while they had their afternoon tea.  It really was a lovely day.

Later Daddy and I walked up through the main garden to see the rhododendron and azalea blooms. While a number of them have blooms, the majority have not yet blossomed. We then went to Garden Wood where Daddy visited one of the Home Owners to discuss plans to expand his garage. I walked around his house and garden and it was quite exciting to see his rhododendrons and azaleas in full bloom, where only a hundred yards away in the main garden they were not yet out. Why that should be the case I don’t know because I’m not an expert on gardening. I will have to ask Jim Wilkie, our Head Gardener.

Afterward, we walked down to the Sales Office where I chatted to Dawn and another Home Owner from Queen Victoria Park. Daddy and I then walked up to the House. It had been a long walk for me, but it was a glorious day. I then jumped into the car and we went home.