Humphrey’s Sore Back

I haven’t been well recently. Daddy and mummy couldn’t work out why I would suddenly get up and rush from one room to another in a state of panic. So, I was taken to the vet and they thought I had some sort of problem in my back passage, so I was put on medicine to try and remove, or reduce, the discomfort. I must tell you that suddenly feeling something in your bottom and not knowing what it is, is an experience that I have not enjoyed.

After a couple of days on the new medicine it started again and daddy was so concerned with me rushing back and forward in the house and not knowing what to do with myself, that he took me back to the vets and they gave me a sedative to knock me out and then they put a scope up my bottom. They told daddy that it wasn’t a cyst as they originally thought, but I had a problem with my spine, of which part of it seemed to be pressing on a nerve.

Bulldogs are unusual in that our tails grow like a corkscrew direction. Daddy was told that my spine has bits on it, which were pressing on a nerve. I can tell you it was highly uncomfortable having this pain around my bottom and I just didn’t know what to do, or where to go and leave the pain behind.

Daddy got new medicine for me and I’m having pills in the morning and pills in the evening and at the moment, things have been perfectly alright. I love fish, so what daddy does is he takes some pickled herring and he puts the pills in the folds and he feeds it to me. I absolutely enjoy the herring – and don’t taste the medicine at all. Daddy and mummy were very concerned about me and all I can say is, I hope this medicine stops a recurrence of the discomfort. It is generally accepted that bulldogs aren’t the quickest on their feet and that certainly goes for me, except when I had this pain and then I absolutely flew from one room to another! I hope that the pain does not re-occur.


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