I’m having my portrait painted!

Daddy, Richard and I went out to Inchmarlo and it was an absolutely glorious day. Julie joined us for lunch on the lawn and then I went in and spoke to lots of Residents in the House and we all had a wonderful time. I’m always so pleased to see them and they’re always so pleased to see me because I bring a smile to their faces – after all that is my job.
A friend of Daddy’s, a well-known artist, offered to paint a portrait of me so David, Head of Security, came out and lifted me up onto a table outside on the lawn. He had to do it because I am so heavy and Daddy cannot now lift me. Lots of photos were taken and I think this is the best one of me looking very business-like and looking into the future to the next housing development which is going to start in a few weeks. This is going to be six linked bungalows in South Queen Victoria Park, nearest to the A93 road. I’ve been through it quite often and it will be very handy for those Home Owners who would like to be very close to the bus stop and yet be living in an area with wonderful mature trees.

Looking very business-like!
Looking very business-like!

Later, Julie came to me and said that as part of the Inchmarlo annual staff survey, the staff were asked to nominate the person who they think should be awarded the “Employee of the Year Award” This went to both Pat and Helen and their prize was £100 of vouchers and a bottle of fizz. You can see from the photo below, just how happy everyone was.

Employees of the Year!
Employees of the Year!

Going from right to left, they are as follows
Pat Watt, Daddy, Julie Mackenzie and Helen Pittendreigh, and I know I probably don’t have to point it out, but I am the very handsome chap in the middle!

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  1. Hello Humphrey! My name is Lesley and I live a long way from you in a country called Australia. I wanted to let you know that I am coming to visit Inchmarlo in September to see my Aunty Eileen & Uncle Alan. I enjoy reading about your adventures in your blog, especially when you write about Inchmarlo. Fingers crossed I may get to meet you. Take care from Adelaide, Australia. Lesley 🙂

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