At Inchmarlo we are committed to promoting our residents’ health and wellbeing, to enable full, rich and comfortable lives. Residents are encouraged to continue the same regular routine as they did at home, and to try out new things, which we believe will enhance their sense of independence, self-esteem and feeling of wellbeing.

We provide a wide range of services with local therapists in the house, including podiatry, physiotherapy, optical and dental services, massage and hairdressing in our dedicated hairdressing salon. Beauty treatments can also be arranged in-house, as and when required.

Residents are encouraged to be as active as they wish. Regular classes such as seated exercise, tai chi, and falls prevention are held in the house as well as a variety of activities to promote stimulation of the mind and body.

Most importantly of all, our team of staff take the time to build relationships with each and every resident to get to know them, their likes and dislikes so we can help them to create a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle.

We even have “therapy assistants” in the shape of Humphrey, who is the Company Chairman’s beloved dog. Humphrey is a British Bulldog who visits Inchmarlo regularly. He meets and greets residents in the Care Home and many look forward to Humphrey’s visits. Other official Therapy Assistants have also visited Inchmarlo House weekly for many years.

Humphrey also “writes” a blog where he shares tales of his visits to Inchmarlo and all the goings-on. Feel free to leave a comment or come and give me a pat when you next see me. To view Humphrey’s blog, please click below.